EPF Crime Scene Sneak Peek and EPF Message

There’s been two new EPF related updates! Some of you might remember Tato Maxx posting this EPF crime sneak peek on the Club Penguin Blog two months ago.


Well today on the Club Penguin Blog the sketch above has been made into a reality! Check out the sneak peek of the crime scene at the Pizza Parlour that Polo Field posted.


Pretty catastrophic if you ask me!

In lighter news, there is a new EPF message from PH.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.38.48 PM

Her message reads:

Heya agents! Got some construction going around the Pet Shop–would ya mind keeping an eye out? This is an important event — I need extra security!

The following page has been updated:

37 thoughts on “EPF Crime Scene Sneak Peek and EPF Message

    • And PH is still in the EPF.

      The thing is that many people forget PH as part of the EPF, PH was even on the OLD EPF, even CP forgets that PH is in the EPF these days…

      Even Herbert forgot to put PH in his “To Capture” List during Operation: Blackout…

  1. OMG! CONSTRUCTION AT THE PET SHOP!!!! Another door that leads up to the Puffle Hotel. Epic. And they updated that little pink bed in the pet shop. :D

  2. can´t wait!This is not the firts message from PH,the firts was the last year,also,a week before for the 2012 puffle´s party I think.oh yeah!

  3. If you could have 3 CP Staff working for you who would you choose:
    A) Billybob (Lane)
    B) Spike Hike (Chris)
    C) Polo Field (????)
    D) Businesmoose (????)
    E) Chattabox
    F) Daffodaily5
    G) Tour Guide
    H) Ninja
    I) Gizmo
    J) Screenhog
    K) Rsnail
    L) Vader2006
    M) Nickname1 (Screenhog)

  4. Daffo´s big red nose day party and her visit number 4 has end,these was like at the 24:00 hours but,did you know what PST hour is at 4pm GMT?HAPPY RED NOSE DAY EVERY BODY!!!!!LETS TAKES PICS AND SEND IT TO CP FOR MONEY! LOL
    Go here and uploud your pics! http://www.disney.co.uk/rednoseday/ we need much more money,we can!Train,can we uploud more than 1 pic and they´ll to donate £1 everytime?

  5. whats up with the penguin chef head on the table!
    ewww XD
    hope thats a chef stuck in the sauce,hope thats not the head! uhhh

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