Club Penguin EPF Crime Scene Sneak Peek

Here’s a new sneak peek of something Club Penguin has planned for the future relating to the EPF.┬áIt was posted on the Club Penguin Blog by Tato Maxx. He said he doesn’t want to ruin any surprises, but there are some preparations being made for the EPF and more details will be released in the coming months. This looks interesting! Some sort of crime scene at the pizza parlour with a huge mess being made…


What do you think about this? Also, a detail to point out: the chat bar has some of the old Club Penguin icons, like the ? is not a cog and the igloo icon is the old house.

45 thoughts on “Club Penguin EPF Crime Scene Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Trainman1405,

    What are the chances of a new mission coming? Could it be a similar party/ mission to Operation: Blackout? Those are my thoughts.


    • It does look good… For me and my followers!!! HAHAHA!!!!! YOU AND YOUR PUNY PENGUIN FRIENDS SHALL SOON BE DESTROYED WITH THE ULTIMATE *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (******* is covering up spoilers)

  2. Hmm… The crime maybe it could done it a orange puffle! U know they love eating!The special that orange puffle it might was sleepwalking until the pizza parlor and smelt the pizza and tried to eat all the pizzas and… voila!We got a crime scene!

  3. salsa everywhere!
    bugs will come I mean a BIG one is coming like a bug with doesnt let you walk I mean al that salsa in the ground! of course bugs will come! XD

  4. What more can happen to the EPF?! Also that is strange that they have the old icons. Maybe they have been working on this for a while and he took this pic a long time ago.

  5. I think the reason the old icons are there is because… the old icons are just a test item. Like when they use Gray for test on items!

  6. The big hot sauce is missing!!!!!!!! Maybe some one stole the big hot sauce and the hot sauce was so powerful it destroyed every thing. Thats why there is hot sauce all over the place! Case Solved!

  7. Well! Maybe… Herbert new plan? He just stole big hot sauce from the pizza oven…
    WHAT HE TRYING? Maybe, make Club Penguin Island a very hot place? Make more powerful the sun?

    What do you think, Agent… Trainman1405?

    -Mr. Unda (Detective-Agent) 009

  8. OOH I HOPE THIS MISSION IS TOUGH :DDDI LOVE WHEN CP MAKES TOUGH MISSIONS :DDD I have a name idea for this mission (well if it is a mission :|) and the name is: THE WRONG ORDER (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN)

  9. I have a theory why the igloo and the ? is like that. It’s because CP is using their legal private servers to do this and they haven’t changed those yet. The “Maps” name on the map looks different too. This looks like a sinister crime scene is there a new enemy this time or is it no good Herbert!

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