Club Penguin’s New “Get Set, Go” Commercial

There’s a new Club Penguin Commercial airing in the United Kingdom and can also be found on the Disney UK website. I’ve got a copy of it so you can watch it below.

Also don’t get excited, that’s not a new Club Penguin song playing in the background. There’s a song called “Get Set, Go” by Seaside.

Thanks to Pen50gi for telling me about this!

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s New “Get Set, Go” Commercial

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      • Phone OS: iOS. I’ve tried Android and it’s okay but I’ve never used Windows Phone OS. Firefox OS doesn’t wow me based on what I’ve seen. WebOS is alright too.

        I don’t have a particular company.

  2. Cool song huh? But all these scenes in ClubPenguin… From when until when are they?Ok, i recognized the hoiday party and the scenes from Anchors Aweigh but, the others not at all :(

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