Club Penguin Game On Commercial – Puffle Party 2013

Spike Hike tweeted about a week or two ago that a new Game On commercial would soon be hitting television, and today @Waddles4g1 let me know he saw it on television! I got to word and recorded Disney Channel myself, and sure enough I have the full commercial! It’s all about the Puffle Party and the Puffle Hotel, giving lots of sneak peeks. The Puffle Hotel will be for everyone according to the commercial. Here it is! (and as a side note, I might be able to start recording the commercials in 720p or 1080p for HD!)

Try and spot Polo Field and Businesmoose! It’s also weird how in some rooms they don’t have a chat bar, lol. They’re also hiding moderator names now.

The Puffle Hotel:


The Puffle Hotel (and you can see penguins doing special party emotes…why the camp fire one?)


The Puffle Spa:


The Plaza:


The gym:


Another Puffle Spa picture:


Getting the Rainbow Puffle:


Another Puffle Hotel shot probably, or the Puffle Playroom like last year. (oh and hi Spike Hike!)


Here’s some other noteworthy information:

  • The party will have special emotes as shown in the video
  • The Puffle Hotel will be for everyone
  • You can take an elevator to the Puffle Spa on the roof
  • If you’re a member you can get Puffle Hotel staff gear and become a Puffle Pro
  • Once you’re a Puffle Pro you can get the Rainbow Puffle
  • Everyone can earn their own special bag of Puffle O’s which has its own move inside
  • There’s a catalogue in the Plaza

44 thoughts on “Club Penguin Game On Commercial – Puffle Party 2013

  1. The last pic I think is not the hotel I think it the pet shop because of the big blue puffle on the floor is there in the pet shop :)

  2. Alex’s (Mac OS Voice) is fine if you only put it on the first seconds of the video, i’m pretty sure people can hear “Video by Trainman1405” the first time.

      • PFFT!!!,BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!,ROFS,ROFS,ROFS!!!!,LOLISH!!!,XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,pfft,he em *cough cough cough*,you know?,you do have to admit it is kinda or just kind of funny,hee hee hee *cough cough cough*,can’t help it,but laugh or should i say LOLISH!!!!,ew,i can’t believe i just said xd,…,*notices that accidently said it again*,AAAUURGH!,i said it again!,excuse me for that little yell,just a figure of speech or something…
        – Shera54321

  3. I guess we can be a puffle again because i saw the door to the puffle playroom (members bit) where you change into one of our puffles… WE COULD BE RAINBOW PUFFES!!! Cant wait!!!!

  4. EPIC!!

    I’m so excited about this party! I think this video is good because it didn’t show too much of the Puffle Party 2013, but, just enough for my liking. Although, that robot voice freaked me out so I had to turn the sound off, LOL!

    From Coollegoguy4.

  5. I dont think we will be able to turn into puffles this year because theres no pictures of puffles walking around (other that the puffle costume)

    • I know right i can`t wait actually i`m gonna search YouTube for the website of their test server!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I`ll let you guys know what i find!

  6. * eats chicken noodle soup well types message to trainman1405* Hey train, you need to know that you said word and no work here : I got to word and recorded Disney Channel myself, (word)
    Train: thx bro! Me: no prob! *slurps soup!

  7. BLAGGLE BLARGIN BLAG BLARGLINBLARG SPIKE HIKE!!!!! Spike Hike has spoiled too much stuff, but I don’t care! Yeah, it’s kinda sad that I don’t care about Spike spoiling parties. But I’m still happy that we get to adopt the Rainbow Puffle! Honestly, I think that they’re all robots that Herbert made! LOL! Just kidding…….? >:-D

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