Win a copy of The Party Starts Now EP

Want Club Penguin’s new CD but can’t get it or can’t afford it? How about enter a contest for it!

It appears that parents need to enter for you, but if you’re interested go here. Your parent needs to leave a comment on that website stating you, their child, plays Club Penguin. You can also get a second entry by subscribing to their newsletter and commenting saying so to confirm it. The contest ends on February 20th at 5:00 PM EST. (2:00 PM PST) Good luck!

The tweet above was retweeted by Club Penguin and the post says that it’s sponsored by them, so it’s authentic.

25 thoughts on “Win a copy of The Party Starts Now EP

  1. Hello. I am TrainFu_Kungfu_Trainman from xat. I was just wondering that they are scammers, and spam my email, and never gave it to me, not even the code. You just want people to enter and get spammed and scammed so I think this is a good ad

  2. Train I just bought the club penguin album online on iTunes. What do I do so I can get the code? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a receipt. Do they mean the receipt from which you bought the iTunes card or a receipt that you get once you buy it? I’ve looked everywhere on my phone and can’t ring the receipt and I only have the one from GameStop. What do I do?

    • When you buy things on iTunes you’re emailed a receipt to that account. So if your iTunes account was made with the email for example, within 24-48 hours of your purchase you would be sent an email with the receipt to that address. You then forward that receipt with the album to telling them you bought it and want the item added to (penguin name you want it on)

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