Meet Federflink1 On Club Penguin This Monday!

Federflink1, the Club Penguin Team member who posts on the German blog, has announced his new Fun With Federflink meetup on the blog earlier today! This one will be this Monday, on the 11th of February. The server will be Gletscher, a German server. He’ll be found at the Beach. The time will be 17:00 (5:00 PM) Central European Time which is 16:00/4:00 PM in the UK, 11:00 AM EST, and 7:00 AM PST.


This time Federflink wants you to dress silly and to bring your musical instruments and Puffles.

39 thoughts on “Meet Federflink1 On Club Penguin This Monday!

  1. Hi Train! Have you got any HTML’s for Club Penguin Banners? For Example:

    Become a Water Ninja
    Become a Fire Ninja
    Become an EPF Agent

    It’d be great if you do :)

  2. Umm Trainman.. do you have a HP touchoad? I have one too! The only game I play in it is Ninja Camp. Please reply as soon as possible.
    P.S. You inspired me to blog!

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