Go on a quest at the Stage!

Club Penguin’s Quest For The Golden Puffle play is now at the Stage for a seventh time! It was last released a year ago in March 2012.The set is the same as always:


As for cheats, click the Gold Puffle for the Crook & Flail, which costs 300 coins.


The following pages have been updated:

6 thoughts on “Go on a quest at the Stage!

  1. Hey, train, do you think it is weird how there are no new plays, and how even though there was a puffle update, the yellow puffle and golden puffle look like from a couple of years ago? And, kind of related to the puffle thing, do you think it is weird how everything didn’t change in plays? i mean, seriously. What is the point of making changes if you are not going to update your things? one last question, isn’t there supposed to be a pin and background for red nose day?

    • Club Penguin isn’t one to release new plays nowadays, let alone change them. I don’t like that.

      And yes, eventually. Just not yet.

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