Aunt Arctic Waddling Around Club Penguin! (Everyone else left)

UPDATE: Everyone has left.

Sensei, Gary and Cadence left, but Aunt Arctic is still waddling around Club Penguin! Here’s the list:

  1. Aunt Arctic

Want to meet them? Here’s the current known scheduled places: (note: everyone has left now, none left!)

Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is no longer on Club Penguin.


Cadence is no longer on Club Penguin.


Sensei is no longer on Club Penguin.


Gary is no longer on Club Penguin.

Aunt Arctic and Gary have new looks on their playercards.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.49.11 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.49.51 PM

Aunt Arctic and Gary have new backgrounds. Cadence and Sensei do not.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.27.22 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.27.11 AM

Gary’s background is really a remake of this old one:

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.27.39 AM

173 thoughts on “Aunt Arctic Waddling Around Club Penguin! (Everyone else left)

  1. Your welcome,

    Feb 14 Thursday 3:00pm PST on Big Surf
    Feb 18 Monday 2:00pm PST on Rainbow
    Feb 20 Wednesday 5:00pm PST on Snow Angel

    Feb 16 Saturday 2:00pm PST on Alaska
    Feb 16 Saturday 5:00pm PST on White Out

    Feb 17 Sunday 2:00pm PST on Zipline

    Aunt Arctic
    Feb 21 Thursday 2:00pm PST on Big Foot
    Feb 21 Thursday 5:00pm PST on Avalanche

  2. we should have club penguin put the penguin band at this party too i mean they would make more sense because they are stars themselves

      • YEP CPs new penguin drawings STINK now they are messing up the MASCOTS big time! They are so incapable of common sense, the party traffic is freezing servers, forget about friending mascots. Sorry I bought the cd now won’t give them any more of my money. And I met the original mascots the HARD way but it was better than getting stuck in this current sorry game.

  3. They should’ve updated all of their player cards for this event and given them all a new Hollywood-themed background. It’s weird seeing two of the mascots with the new penguin design next to two without it. I bet they’re thinking, “I’m sorry, where did you say you came from?”.

  4. I really thought that when I went to my friend’s list to get Aunt Arctic’s and Gary’s new backgrounds, that the Gary bg was the old one. xD

  5. Hey train, My website is called Penguin Lodge my trackers are amazing you should use them.
    My trackers are so good because Club penguin automatically update my trackers!!

  6. It must have been very hard making Gary’s background. All they did was slap on the penguin from Gary’s Prehistoric Background to an older Gary background…

  7. Aunt Arctic

    Thursday, February 21st:

    9:00 AM PST on the server Husky
    1:00 PM PST on the server Wool Socks
    2:00 PM PST on the server Big Foot
    5:00 PM PST on the server Avalanche

    Friday, February 22nd:

    7:45 AM PST in the server Iglu (DE)
    5:00 PM PST on the server Arctic

    Saturday, February 23rd:

    2:00 PM PST on the server Abominable
    5:00 PM PST on the server Belly Slide

    Sunday, February 24th:

    9:00 AM PST on the server Yukon

    Monday, February 25th:

    8:15 AM PST on the server Gletscher (DE)
    10:00 AM PST on the server Avalancha (SP)

    Tuesday, February 26th:

    5:00 PM PST on the server Sabertooth

    Wednesday, February 27th:

    8:15 AM PST on the server Eiszapfen (DE)

    Are these times correct? Or are they a week off?

    B/C the rest are for this week, and one of those are on the 27th but the party ends on the 26th

  8. Wait what? What do you mean by removed? It’s going to be forever gone? :(
    But what about Card-Jitsu Snow beta testing?
    Oh, and why isn’t Aunt Arctic anywhere???

  9. Hey! Support let me know about more times for everyone!

    Sensei will be on at these additional times:

    Alaska at 3pm PST
    White Out at 4pm PST
    Arctic at 7pm PST

    These are happening TODAY (Feb 17), so go there! Sensei might not be around much after this!

  10. Hey Train, I found a glitch that allows you to go to the Awards. Send a stage postcard. However, it’s still the Dino thing.

    • Join, set an icon there, and when you leave a comment here, in the email box you put the email you used to join :)

  11. Train you think that sensei and gary left or Club Penguin confirmed that they left the party (Note: this sucks i met Gary but no Sensei :( one day is unfair

  12. Hey Train this is important, I really need a reply please. Will Aunt Arctic be online on random servers even when it’s not time for her to go on the server the meet-up time says? Thanks for replying and for the credit on Club Penguin Bugs. :)

  13. Hey train, that Card-Jitsu Snow teaser. I finally identified the penguin! I am 99% sure that it’s Ninja the moderator! Because I see the mask…What do you think?

  14. Train, can you email Club Penguin Support that they still haven’t fixed the mascot buddy list bug of where it doesn’t pop if they aren’t online or not? Thanks!

  15. Ok thanks, and I have a theory.MUST REPLY PLEASE. My theory about the rainbow puffle. Ok so you know about Operation: Puffle right? Well, there’s a sneak peek I saw of Herbert hypnotizing puffles. Not sure if you posted it. Ok now I think Herbert is hypnotizing puffles to capture the rainbow puffle because of its rainbow power to make the island tropical? :D

  16. Nw I just need to add Petey K and I’m dome with my Finding Mascot Career :P. Just kidding, I need to take screenshots of me meeting them still. ;D

  17. Ok I really wanted to see Cadence but every sever I went to at that time she was not there now all I can see is Aunt Artic the problem is that we are in school during 3:00pm but when I go at 5pm they are not their so now I am just going to give up on looking for them I do not want to but I mit as well .

  18. Don’t give up AnnMarie0802! Can’t you see I never gave up meeting Aunt Arctic? Then I met her on Sunday! I just hope you meet PH. :)

  19. why is everyone so good at club penguin??? who is aunt actic ?? im so confused
    is gary some sort of mad scientist???? im so confused

    • Aunt Arctic is the editor of Club Penguin’s newspaper, the Club Penguin Times.
      Gary is the island’s inventor and scientist.

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