Club Penguin Video: ????

Polo Field teased this video during Field Friday, and it’s now out!

It’s a very quick 9 second video showing the path to Card-Jitsu Snow. Note how you don’t see the penguin name…mysterious!

41 thoughts on “Club Penguin Video: ????

  1. Wait… that picture at the end… ITS the START OF CJ SNOW!!!!! cause the middle guy (shadow ninja?) lights up. Its somewhat wierd theres no snow guy….

  2. Please man, I’m sorry for the copying of that posts; deleted one, and fixed the other one. Oh and I’m changing the penguin of the week too. See? Nothing copied now. Please give me a last chance? Come on…… D:

  3. Trainman, is this an exclusive post by you? If it is, can I copy it for ? I will definitely give you credit. :)

  4. I think the party after the puffle party is the card jitzu party!Maybe thats a sneak peak!?Maybe its like the marvel super hero take over where you choose your element and battle and play card jitzu snow! :D!

  5. Hmm hey Trainman!

    Since that room looks like the Scorn Fight from the Medieval Party 2012, I am thinking that, many people thought CJ Snow would arrive in May 2012, however, it turned out to be the Medieval Party, I am thinking that Club Penguin misplaced accidentally CJ Snow in May 2012, now I am thinking that CJ Snow would arrive in May 2013 since all the reasons I said before, also, why would CP announce it early instead like in September that it arrives in November? It wouldn’t make much sense. What do you think Trainman?


    • I’m not sure, maybe. I think it’ll be ready soon since the beta test is hopefully this month or next month. May 2013 would make sense though.

  6. Oh, and about the ninja, I believe its Polo Field, the four ?’s might stand for “Polo” since I see that the ninja has a black mask which is the item Polo Field always wears, what do you think of this also Train?


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