Club Penguin Red Nose Day

The Red Nose Day event in the newly uploaded Club Penguin video is now live in the Coffee Shop!┬áIf you need a refresher, here is there video I’m referring to.

Get the Red Nose Item, tell a joke, and follow the directions in the video above to submit it!

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 11.23.55 PM

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15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Red Nose Day

  1. Listen a joke: How did the laptop break?
    – They threw it out of Windows LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    Copyright- Pen Quen22
    DON’T COPY!It’s one of my jokes so, don’t use it for the competition :)

  2. The pin will probably come out next week and the background will most likely be in the new Penguin Style, which is also next week. :)

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