Club Penguin Album Release Party Pictures Posted On Blog

The Club Penguin Album Release Party finished up about an hour ago as of this post, and now Polo Field has posted a few pictures of the party. I was there the whole time and it was a lot of fun and totally crowded! Quite a few Club Penguin staff members showed up, such as Gajotz, Tato Maxx, and Tour Guide. Here’s all the images! (you can see me and a lot of other familiar faces in them)





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17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Album Release Party Pictures Posted On Blog

    • You don’t – penguins you have as your buddy show up with a green star. So if you’re someone’s friend on CP, you’ll have a green star for them.

  1. HEHE,polo fall from de sled,I got a really confuised question lol,Tato is a mod from spanish or english?Tato works with spike,polo and moose in videos,is very famous yeahhhh Tato Maxx

  2. Polo sled racing fail looks like polo field is doing the bling bling dance while falling off of the sled racing tube ;P lmao

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