New Hollywood Party Sneak Peeks From Spike Hike

Spike Hike has given out three new sneak peeks of the Hollywood Party on Twitter!

The images:

Sci fi movie?


Action movie?


High school movie?


Hmmm…interesting! I might be wrong but I think Spike Hike is wearing some unreleased items, too.

15 thoughts on “New Hollywood Party Sneak Peeks From Spike Hike

  1. I think it could be like the Jam in June. U know what i mean. When u had to dance on plaforms to take an item?So if we go in front of the cameras, we could might do somthing and earn an item

  2. wow…that’s a spoiler for all the fun out of this
    – Shera54321 wonder after the next day people well you know?,feel flat….,like this,____________

  3. This month will be awesome here why :
    .New clothing items
    .New iggys and furniture
    .First ever Hollywood party
    .Beta test CJ snow
    .New puffle (maybe)

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