On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 23

On the 23rd of January in Club Penguin History there have been updates in the year 2009. The Winter Fiesta was released, which is technically the only update on that day – that, and Club Penguin updated the postcards so there was a Winter Fiesta postcard you could send to penguins. At the 2009 Winter Fiesta there was one free item which was the Mini Sombrero, located at the Cove. It was definitely a fun cultural party and I hope Club Penguin brings the Fiesta back sometime in the future.


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  1. P.S. I think that the Winter Fiesta won’t return since they made CP in Spanish now…there are Mexican Users and the party is Mexican-related, if they make one, I bet many other people will complain to CP about why celebrating something of another tradition and not of theirs like Portuguese with Brasil or Deustch with Germany,
    I am thinking that CP should do a “special trip world tour” visiting every country and place around the Earth during Summer, what do you think Trainman? Similar to the Hollywood Party, CP is going Mexican, Brasilian, etc… Like the idea Train? And what do you think about it?

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