Minor Club Penguin Updates: Igloo Music, Postcards (Again)

Along with Club Penguin’s big updates today, there are a few small ones.┬áThat update is the igloo music which has been updated! There are three new tracks.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 11.44.39 PM

The tracks are:

  • Charlie’s Here (the old Pizza Parlour music)
  • Pre-Historic (probably music at next week’s party)
  • Herbert Style (probably a much requested track)

Thanks Brookelas!

Also, Club Penguin updated the postcards again. Now there is just one single postcard on the first page.

Finally, you can no longer view the Coins For Change results. It now says Coins For change 2012 is over when you click the designated area at the Snow Forts.

10 thoughts on “Minor Club Penguin Updates: Igloo Music, Postcards (Again)

  1. It’s revealed: the old Pizza Parlor music, ‘Charlie’s Here’ isn’t a Club Penguin original – much like all the old Club Penguin music they’re bought from smartsound.com. Don’t know about the Coffee Shop but I’m sure with the music of Christmas Jazz and some other igloo music.
    Heck, I once heard Christmas Jazz on a commertial on local TV and Winter Fiesta music on my ISP’s answering machine! :))

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