Club Penguin’s Prehistoric Island Map

On Twitter Polo Field has tweeted the following sneak peek image:


Here is the tweet:

As said, this is a prehistoric map of the island. Pretty neat and different!

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Prehistoric Island Map

  1. OMG SOO AWESOME cp put a LOT and i mean a LOT with a capital L effort on this party becuase first they have to think in a dinosuar way how the rooms could look like ,the map and all that stuff bt mostly the rooms because its hard to picture a dinosuar on land covered in sand and tress and stuff. You get what im saying?

  2. I knew it!I knew that the map would be different! But is the Hidden Lake going to change too? And also, in 3 days is the party so, I wanted to ask you Train, can u ask Polo Field how many days did it took to make the new island design?Pleeeaase…

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