Club Penguin Transform Into A Dinosaur Sneak Peek

We’ve already got a sneak peek of what your playercard will look like when you transform into a dinosaur during the Prehistoric Party starting next Thursday, however Polo Field has tweeted a picture of what you will look like in game.


Looks pretty neat and I can’t wait until I get to transform myself!

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Transform Into A Dinosaur Sneak Peek

  1. *A De Lorean time machine from Back To The Future appears in my room and I get out* Sorry, sorry I was just avoiding getting pumpled by a T-rex, hopefully the transformation will be more fun – less fear of being eaten alive – of course it will be it’s a game. I can’t wait to transform. Oh and a tip: If you ever find the De Lorean in you’re backyard, DO NOT VISIT TO THE ACTUAL AGE OF THE DINOSAURS.

  2. Ugh…penguins turn into Dinosaurs?

    I am going to say it again…


    I never thought I would live to see the day…

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