Club Penguin To Release VIP Penthouse Igloo At Hollywood Party

At the Hollywood Party there will be a new igloo! It will of course be free and for members. The name of this igloo will be VIP Penthouse. Here’s what it looks like! Thanks to┬áMagozaul for the image of this wicked igloo!


That looks epic!

36 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Release VIP Penthouse Igloo At Hollywood Party

  1. First… So can’t wait to get it I’m sure it’ll be awesome. I wonder if Club Penguin will make more igloos with special movements like the snow globe igloo, It would be awesome

  2. Same! I can’t wait!! This party is gonna be just epic I know it :) although I’m gonna miss soooo badddd being able to be dinos…… Expeshially the giant dark red and black t Rex !!!!

  3. Holly cow that’s EPIC!!!!! Man thr iggy lookks awesome without even any furnature! I’m sooo getting that I’m suuppeeerr exited!!!! :D :D :D :)

  4. Train, check it out! Inour inventory, instead of a circle with two eyes in the head items, we can see a penguin’s head. Awesome!!!!!

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think we have like three different things for iggy or items on 14th then 17 and on and on and we have to play in one movie to get one item so you have to play in three movies to ge all items for 14th then 17 and the lest one is the VIP iggy.

  6. you don’t know for sure penguin…they could be tricking you like in the halloween party and the holday one,and now the hollywood party,and the free player clothes page
    – Shera54321

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