Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Information and Iceberg Sneak Peek

Another day, another Prehistoric Party sneak peek.¬†Club Penguin’s page on the Disney UK website was updated with some brief information about the Prehistoric Party start starts on the 17th of January and 29th of the same month.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 11.12.53 AM

The party information reads:

Club Penguin collides with the past for Prehistoric Party! Cave penguins can explore ancient lands and discover new adventures! Everybody can dig for dino eggs to earn a special prize – and members can fly, stomp and roar as dinosaurs!

Second of all, Spike Hike has tweeted an image of the Iceberg during the Prehistoric Party. It looks amazing!


40 thoughts on “Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Information and Iceberg Sneak Peek

  1. cool! I love that type of the iceberg! Do u think that the frozen shark will become…. unfrozen? *gulp*That’s scary…

  2. Hold on I just realized something. Remember during the Halloween party and you would look out a telescope into the ocean? Well if you waited a little while you would see this yellow machine come by and it was the time trekker! Gary or his grandpa have been using the time trekker long before any of this mention about going to the past! Haha I just realized that! What do you think?

  3. so thats why we cant tip it!
    so a penguin tries to but the giant shark bites him and he runs! ohhh I get it LOL
    maybe we finally tip it and we are like yay yay yay!
    *shark gets out and angry* O_O *shark eats everyone XP

    • phineas99 this is a time travel party only to travel into the dinosaur age not to travel to old partys n stuff
      its an prehistoric party. not time travel party, the pint of the party its that we get back to old ages not old partys man

  4. Hmm…I just noticed something, the Aqua Grabber isn’t there! Well I know because it was built in 2008 by Gary to help Rockhopper and his ship, but, how can we play the game? I guess that’s NOT the iceberg, I believe CP will do MANY party swfs and we might access it through the Time Trekker, so that means the whole island won’t just turn that, that means that we might be able to REALLY travel in time! Cool!

    I would do the following in time:

    Let Herbert win
    Let Protobot win
    Avoid the Popcorn Explosion

    And I hope we might be able to travel not only in the Mesozoic Era, I hope we might be able to travel to some old parties also such as Music Jam, that would rock :-)


  5. OMG They r going to give you a task that will open the iceberg and the shark will eat the penguin!!!! After every penguin does that Club Penguin will shut down and turn into Club Puffle LOL

  6. MY theory is that there will be regular club penguin and Past club penguin at the same time if you notice the game isnt there Because it wasnt invented YET

    • well yeah, icebergs are things that break off of islands LONG ago, this must be back before it snapped off.. also the hoops thing is a flying course I think

  7. Wait train is it just me or YOU can actually walk to the iceberg in that prehistoric party because if you look behind the iceberg there is that arrow and a jail cell and then jumping through hoops thing? THIS IS WEIRD.

  8. Wow! That looks awesome! And I knew there was something up with the Iceberg! Because, really, an iceberg that can’t tip? That would be very suspicious, to me.

  9. hey trainman did you notice that in th background
    you see an angry volcano? (almost active volcano)
    cool maybe the party will be something about a volcano too not only about the prehistoric party

  10. Train do you think we might go to the future? Because Gary said in the newspaper that first we would go to the dinosaur era. Does this mean we will go to other time periods?

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