Club Penguin January 2013 Parent Update

Here is Club Penguin’s new parent update! You can read it here.

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Check out the new Parent Section

From adopting pet puffles to connecting with friends, you might have questions about what penguins can do… and we’ve got answers. You’re busy, so we’ve put all the need-to-know info in our new Parent section!

Discover Dinosaur Adventures

During the Prehistoric Party from Jan. 17 – 29, everyone can be cave penguins and dig for dino eggs. Members can fly, stomp, and roar as dinosaurs – plus they can get five items including an ultra-rare igloo location. Ooga Booga!

Connect With Respect!

Safer Internet Day is a good chance to talk about online safety with your child. Check out the safety tips on our site, then share a one-time use code STAYSAFE to unlock a virtual item for their penguin.

Thanks Azeemsky for telling me about this!

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