Club Penguin Hollywood Party Log Off Screen

Club Penguin’s log off screen advertising the Hollywood Party is now out! This definitely looks like it’s going to be an interesting party, especially with the penguin alien on the left…lolwut?! See for yourself:

EN 0123-Hollywood-Exit-Screen-1-1359001953

As said in the log off screen, members can be superstars.

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49 thoughts on “Club Penguin Hollywood Party Log Off Screen

  1. I hope they do not use my ideas for the party.I sent something to them saying can we get our own autographs so they must have ripped out my idea

  2. Alien on the left looks like penguin version of Star Wars. And a cheerleader on the right is probably from High School Musical (she have a microphone). But I have no idead about this agent :P

  3. Why can’t they wait until one party is gone before pushing the next one?

    We have weeks between them for advertising.
    It’s as bad as Christmas decorations in the store in the summer.

  4. OH I GET IT the penguin on the right is from high school musical the left one is some alien and in the middle is JAMES BOND PENGUIN STYLE :D

  5. I’m surprised “hollywood” isn’t trademarked or something. I thought the party would be called the movie party or something. this is even better!

  6. Looks interesting, but I can’t really tell the main theme of it. Is it going to be like the Penguin Play Awards, but bigger?

  7. It looks like the male penguin has a gold penguin award, the female has a silver penguin award, and the squid has a bronze penguin award….interesting :P

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