Club Penguin Holly Jolly Igloo Contest Prizes List

For the last few igloo decorating contests Club Penguin has been giving out furniture items as prizes in addition to coins. I was unable to get a list of furniture items the previous igloo contest, however this time around Club Penguin Support was more helpful and I was fortunate enough to get a list of the igloo items the winners won for the Holly Jolly Igloo Contest. If you’re curious, read on!

1st Place:

  • Large Aquarium
  • Jukebox
  •  Toy Train
  • Disco Ball
  • Comfy Crab
  • Teddy Bear
  • and 1,000,000 coins

2nd Place:

  • Large Aquarium
  • Disco Ball
  • Jukebox
  • and 10,000 coins

3rd Place:

  • Large Aquarium
  • and 1,000 coins

Finally, as said in the newspaper, the 40 runner ups were each rewarded 1,000 coins.

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holly Jolly Igloo Contest Prizes List

  1. I wonder if the 1st place winner will go over 1 million coins on their coin total. Chances are they don’t have 0 coins and is there still that 1 million coin maximum? Or does Club Penguin change their coin total to 1M? It would be interesting to know.

  2. Trainman1405’s Wish: To be first place in the Igloo Contest and get the the toy Train :P Wait, also after reading this the Human Brain did not realized the second “the” :D

  3. You can only have one million coins.
    My sister got there last week.
    Once you get one million coins you cant earn any more in the games it just says earned o coins.
    So she spent a bunch of them after she took pictures to prove it.

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