Club Penguin Discussion: Sneak Peeks – Too Many?

It’s been quite the discussion lately. Does Club Penguin give out too many sneak peeks? Some say yes while others disagree. Some are like me and think they give out too many sneak peeks but at the same time enjoy seeing what’s to come. What side are you on? Vote in the poll and feel free to say what you’re thinking in the comments. Below the poll is what I think.

Does Club Penguin release too many sneak peeks nowadays?

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I personally feel that yes, Club Penguin does give out too many sneak peeks. Back in October 2007 two sneak peeks were posted on the Club Penguin Blog by Billybob. Two. And it was usually just one sneak peek for parties, but as you know the Halloween Party is always big. Here are the two sneak peek posts about the Halloween Party from Billybob:


Hello Penguins!

As you know we are quickly approaching two of the biggest parties of the year! The Club Penguin Anniversary Party takes place on October 24th which is the day it first launched. That party will only be for one day, so you won’t want to miss it. Just a few days later, the Halloween Party starts and it is going to be sweet! Just check out the cool picture I got!


In order to help you get ready, we’ll be launching the special Halloween Igloo Furniture Catalog with all of your favorite decorations from last year and a few new ones! We’ll also be launching a special Halloween Igloo that many of you have been asking for!

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 17, 2007 8:12 AM


Hello Penguins!


Check out this great picture I got from the Halloween Party! It’s going to be awesome! I hope you are all getting your igloos decorated and costumes ready for the celebration! Remember there is a costume contest this week as well! You can check out last week’s winners in the Club Penguin Times.

In other news: It’s Club Penguin’s 2nd birthday on Wednesday, October 24th! Make sure you check out the party going on at the Coffee Shop.

There will be a free item and also a really cool surprise that will bring back lots of memories if you’ve been around for a while!

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on October 23, 2007 4:50 PM

Yeah, that’s it. Here and there a full room sneak for big parties as demonstrated in post one, but usually just a small section of a room as shown in post two. Nowadays we get videos, multiple images of full rooms, items, and more from Club Penguin. There is more at parties now than there was several years ago, but even so, Club Penguin spoils what’s going to happen. I used to log on for the first time during a party only knowing a few details on what there will be, but now I easily know 70% or more from information and images from Club Penguin themselves. (and a little bit from my little exclusives I find but that isn’t much) I know Club Penguin likes to create hype, which I understand and there is nothing wrong with that, but I think they overdo it a lot between blog posts, tweets from different team members, and their YouTube channel. For once I’d like to go on Club Penguin for a new party and have to explore the island myself, figuring out what’s what – not already have it demonstrated to me through sneak peeks.

What’s your stance?

54 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Sneak Peeks – Too Many?

  1. I agree. I remember when sneak peeks used to be awesome and everyone was talking about it but now, sneak peeks are like normal for everyone and sometimes there’s a point where there’s so much sneak peeks of one party that you basically know almost all the details of the event. Spike Hike also releases most sneak peek images (not saying it in a bad way). Back in July of 2011 when the Island Adventure Party was running, there was only a few sneak peeks and I’m talking like one video and some photos., that’s all. But know what you got is about 5 – 10 photos (or more?) and one video (as normal). It kind of spoils the fun of playing and exploring the island with friends and when you get too much sneak peeks, you don’t really have the best time (But that’s just me). What I’m trying to say is, Club Penguin should keep the release of sneak peeks steady and firm and not too overboard. I’m also really looking forward to reading what other people have to say!
    Dj Pingy8

  2. Here is what they should do:
    They should do like what they did with the second sneak peek of the Halloween Party 2007 – only small parts of rooms. And they should release one or two. That’s it. Not a bunch of full-room ones that comes five a week. That adds suspense because then you’ll start to think – what else is in that room? What other rooms are decorated? What do the other rooms look like? I like surprises – like logging on to Club Penguin to find a new party with tons of decorations that I’ve never seen before or briefly saw in the sneak peeks.
    So, there you have it – my input/opinion.

  3. I agree 100%. Out of all the bloggers at Club Penguin, I think was the best. He never gave away to much, which is the way I like it.

    I also think Club Penguin is spending a little bit too much time on parties as well.

  4. Train, I agree with you man. We’re not being able to have so much suspense about the parties and what is going to be happening, and how the rooms look. Sometimes I think they just want to give us information but then sometimes they start abusing. I like Spike Hike, but he posts waaaaaay to many sneak peeks.

  5. You are right club penguin give to much sneak peeks nowadays!When I used to play in 2007 it was actually more fun to see the parties and what they were going to be about.But now they give loads and loads of sneak peeks and you can just tell what you have to do.

    • For all the people saying “there are too many sneak peeks”, there are even more people saying “Polo, can I have a sneak peek, please?”

      • I dont think this is the real Polo Field. He’s a little too mean to be the real one, talking like that. And by the way, remember on the Friends list hack, polo field’s name was attalic ( did i spell that right? ) and he had no pic.

  6. I think there are far too many. I can remember one January when we found the Brown Puffles. I had no clue that we would find them in January, but we did! I love a surprise, but I’d like to know a little bit about the party, but not too much!

  7. I think that only sometimes. But I might me wrong, because they only started giving out so many sneak peeks pack in 2012. To me, about 3-4 sneak peeks is about enough. I wonder how many sneak peeks they will give out for the Hollywood party? For the next discussion, you should discuss about Private servers.

  8. I love your site here, it really brings back some good old memories of the times when Club Penguin was simplistic and fun. Now, it’s overpowered by the want of money from Disney, the overdecorated parties and the change in the virtual atmosphere.
    Anyway, I totally agree with you. I’ve always enjoyed searching around the island, looking about, trying to figure out the idea of it. But now, it’s overdecorated and too easy – thanks to too many sneak peeks. You know what’s going to happen before the party is fully released. I also find the same problem that exists with the clothing catalog. It evolves too much around the current/upcoming party, instead of what it used to be: a few items for the party, and just some random cool items. I’m not saying I want the old CP back – I just preferred it that way.

  9. In my opinion Cp used to give small sneak peeks of little parts of rooms, now they are Full rooms and a info. thing. it takes wayay the feeling in the day of the party: I need to wake up! the party started! wich trasnforms into: Im going to be a dinosaur and a triceratops and the million things I know..! this days Cp and people shoudn’t ask for like 1000,000 sneak peeks a week! spike hike gives away alot of sneak peeks, not that Im complaining.. but he should calm down a little bit..
    he shows alot of sneak peeks.. he starts with a small one..then a bigger one.. and then start abusing with the news! what we only got in 2011 for the Tropical Party was a video with the only full room they show is the plaza..they should do the same… this 2013..better than 2012! we want that Cp

  10. I say no because it’s just good business. I know the majority of you say yes but we have our opinions. It’s good business because the more sneak peaks they give the better business they have. If you only saw 1 sneak peak that wouldn’t show much, would it? So if you had more, it means more business. If anybody wants to argue with me that’s okay, like I said, it’s my opinion.

    • We had nearly 15 sneak peeks of the Pre Historic Party. I felt that was going over the top especially as almost all details about the party were known before hand.
      I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of trading sneak peeks in exchange for followers on twitter. I know it is entirely up to the person whether they follow someone or not but still this feels odd.l

  11. I agree with Dj Pingy8 and Rico1206. There should be one sneak peek, two tops, so there can still be surprises. The suspense while you log onto Club Penguin is priceless. They should make us wonder about rooms and features instead of giving it all away. I don’t have a problem with too many of them, but I’d like it more if there were less.


    Before the Holiday Party 2012, they ALREADY started to give out sneak peeks of the Prehistoric Party! And before the Prehistoric Party, they ALREADY started to give out sneak peeks of the Hollywood Party!

    It used to be fun pass time with your friends and think, what do you think it will happen on the party? And share a lot of thoughts about the party, I remember last year in 2012 when me and a friend named Icequix (A famous blogger) (I think you know about him too Trainman) where thinking about what would occur during the Underwater Expedition and get prepared! Those were REALLY the good times! Now before the 7th Anniversary Party, they ALREADY revealed the Party Hat for that, before it was fun to think which colors would represent on the Party Hat for the Anniversary Party, now we ALREADY know what’s up of the new Party Hat!

    I remember when Billybob always loved to keep surprises, and gave out very small sneak peeks, sometimes he even gave sneak peeks to few famous bloggers before! Now what I think of…Billybob is my favorite moderator, I remembered when he ALWAYS smiled, and he loved everyone on CP, he loves to keep surprises, and he made CP awesome! Now with Spike Hike, its is BORING these days when TOO much information of the party is SPOILED! And Spike Hike is now giving out the information for useless occasions! Like for example: “Yay! before I got 6000 followers! Now I got 6050 followers! As a reward, another sneak peek of the Halloween Party 2014! (Even though its in 2013!) =D” (It was an example though) Another example: “If I get 6100 followers, I will give a sneak peek about the Holiday Party 2013! =D (Even though its January right now!)” It is kind of Spike Hike bribing other kids also for sneak peeks!

    With Billybob: “Hey there! Here is a little sneak peek of the upcoming party coming up! The Hollywood Party! I know its small but I don’t want everything to be spoiled! You will amaze yourself when you see the party! Waddle On!”

    Not only parties but also OTHER stuff like games (Card-Jitsu Snow already! Shouldn’t it be released in November? Or early unlike other Card-Jitsu Games? Probably in May?), catalogs (February 2013 Catalog), and much stuff more!

    We should start e-mailing CP, Polo Field, Spike Hike and the other mods of CP, and also tweet to them about giving out less sneak peeks! Sometimes you need to be “strong” to amaze the others! Don’t do all the stuff that other kids want to! And we should link the tweet and e-mail the link of Trainman’s Discussion, also of my blog I made in CP Wikia later…

    Oh and Trainman, I made a blog about this earlier in my CP Wikia Account, check it out:!

    Sad part of this is…Billybob is leaving this week…so I might do a farewell party of Billybob, and we could probably take pictures and tweet to Billybob on January 31, 2013 :-) Billybob will be missed, I will give more information about Billybob’s Farewell Party

  13. I really think that they are giving to much sneak peeks.Saraapril says she gets bored already when Spike Hike showed the HollyWood party studios before it even starts.

  14. I think the sneak peek videos and part of room sneak peeks are fine. I just don’t like full room sneak peeks.

  15. Totally… We should have just one sneak peek a week… Or atleast just one sneak peek at all… Spike Hike bribes people to follow him just so people can get sneak peeks… :/

  16. I was thinking about this. The parties aren’t like they used to be anymore but they would be a lot better if we didn’t already know half of it. Part of the fun was seeing all the new things.

  17. I have mixed feelings about this. Sure, I guess they could add a little more of our good ol’ friend surprise, but at the same time, it’s satisfying to a lot of people to get a sneak peek and to post on their Twitter/blog/etc. Summed up, it can go either way.

  18. I agree with you, Trainman1405! 100%! Like you said, when we log on into Club Penguin for a new party, we know a 100% of what will happen and more than 50% of what the rooms and catalogs will look like.

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