Club Penguin Dino Footprint Pin Location – January 10, 2013

Club Penguin’s latest pin is out! As a result the Holiday Cookies Pin is no longer located at the Cave/Pool.¬†Instead, the new pin, the Dino Footprint Pin, can be found at the Forest. This is Club Penguin’s first pin of 2013. The last pin to be hidden in the Forest was the Easter Basket Pin in back in April 2012. As of this new pin a total of twelve pins have been hidden in this particular room.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 11.43.17 PM

It is also worth noting that you cannot click the pin to get it again, you have to actually walk up to it.

The following pages have been updated:

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Dino Footprint Pin Location – January 10, 2013

  1. Everything CP is changing D:
    Even Trainman is changing his outfit and his blog look :P Seriously though, there are too much changes in the game in such a short time since November I almost time it’s too much,,, what do you think Train?

    • Kind of, but usually the end/beginning of each year is when Club Penguin has a bit of changes, for example last January the Penguin Style was changed a bit and they added playercard previews and slightly modified the design a bit.

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