Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Time Travel

Polo Field has published a new Reviewed By You on Club Penguin’s Blog. In the previous one we were asked what new penguin styles we would like to see, and Ymuy said the following:

I think that we should have a mascot shirt (one shirt for each mascot) then, when we dance, we do what the mascot on the picture does best! For example: If I had a shirt with G on it, then when I dance, I do what he does best which is (obviously) building machines (and sometimes blowing them up straight after)!

For this week’s question, the Club Penguin Team would like to know what time we would like to travel to and why. Also, here’s a sneak peek of Gary’s Time Trekker included in the post.


The following page has been updated:

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Time Travel

  1. hmm I am still thinking, if we spawn in normal cp, we just have to get to there and time travel to the prehistoric years? so easy, I was thinking something more exciting! what are your thoughts trainman?

  2. OH NOW I GET IT the left exit is for normal cp and right exit is for prehistoric cp THNAK YOU CLUB PENGUIN FOR NOT MAKING THIS PARTY RIGHT WHEN WE LOG ON.

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