A Message From Jet Pack Guy

Jet Pack Guy has sent a new EPF message, although it’s mainly aimed at Gary. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 1.53.53 PM

It reads the following:

Umm… Gary? Are you feeling okay? You’ve been acting… kinda strange.

Thanks Dr Flooper!

18 thoughts on “A Message From Jet Pack Guy

  1. Its cool that Space 1246 and me are helping Club Penguin magic blogger!

    Also where do you get the outside of your page. With the trees and stuff?

  2. Train I have a dilemma. I go to the Field-Ops (even though they aren’t currently going on, my Spyphone blinks) and the message is stuck there. Even when I clear my cache, I can’t get to EPF Messages, EPF Gear, etc. Please help. Thank you!

  3. Man Gary is becoming a mad scientist and where is his sweater and afro from the newpaper eh? Anyway i hope i can be like gary one day cuz i love SCIENCE :DD

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