Spike Saturday At 11:00 AM PST (Now Over)

UPDATE: This meetup is now over.

Spike Hike has just tweeted the details of today’s Spike Saturday meetup!

It is at 11:00 AM PST (about a half hour wait from the time I publish this post) in the server Fog. Have fun! :-)

19 thoughts on “Spike Saturday At 11:00 AM PST (Now Over)

  1. I couldent go because I was attending the Club Penguin Insiders party XD Did you get those 2 new sneak peaks of the Holiday Party Train?

  2. First Moderator meetup I took part in. Spike postcarded me. He also said there was going to be new EPF missions with a twist.

    • spike hike is my favorite moderator,he is super nice and gives the most hints to upcoming parties. plus he postcarded me once. :D

    • I’m aware. I don’t see much point in posting the parent’s page since not many parents come here and the page is mainly meant for them. :P

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