On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 4

The 4th of December in 2009 is the only year in Club Penguin’s past so far with updates.┬áIn 2009 there was a new clothing catalogue, pin, Rockhopper was spotted in the telescope, and finally the projector to watch a video was added to the Dojo Courtyard. Starting with the December 2009 clothing catalogue, it featured some new items such as the Reindeer and Tree Costume. Every year the December Penguin Style has a wide selection of holiday related items.

The new pin on the other hand was the Christmas Bell Pin, located at the Forest towards the top right on the rock. Moving right along, Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator, was spotted in the telescope. Rockhopper tends to come every year for the Holiday Party and like usual his ship was decorated in green. Finally, for the Dojo Courtyard video player, it originally had a video for Card-Jitsu Fire but once Card-Jitsu Water was released it was switched for the most recent version of Card-Jitsu.

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