How To Unlock The Club Penguin Tree Topper Hat (Updated)

Update: Looks like Club Penguin Support was incorrect! JempenguinĀ emailed Club Penguin inquiring about the merchandise. The reply from Club Penguin Support said it was unheard of. Then earlier my friend Troy7826 forwarded this newsletter from Disney. The code is in the email! You are free to use it on all of your penguins. The code to unlock the Tree Topper Hat is SURPRISE.

Keep in mind that the colour grey for penguins is used to model items, so keep that in mind rather than jumping to conclusions that this colour is coming soon for all penguins.

At last year’s Holiday PartyĀ one of the free items everyone could get for their penguin was the Tree Topper head item. Then two weeks ago I posted that this item is also now available as an unlock. Yesterday I started hearing reports about the code to unlock this item. Since I am always hesitant with posting codes (you may have seen me say I do not post codes requiring a purchase, such as book codes and magazine codes) I emailed Club Penguin to clarify how this code is obtained.

It turns out the code to unlock this item does indeed require a paid purchase. It is from a special holiday promotion Club Penguin is having with their merchandise. Here is the official reply from Club Penguin Support:

To be able to get the code yes you are indeed going to have to purchase merchandise. The specific one that you should be looking for is ‘Christmas 2012 Advent Calendar’. With this you should be able to get the code that you are looking for.

So that, ladies and gentleman, is how to unlock the Tree Topper Hat. Sure, many of you already know the code thanks to word of mouth, however like usual if you post it in the comments on here I will simply edit it out as I like to play fair. I’m sure many of us already have this item already, however. Who knows, maybe the regular version will make a comeback at the Holiday Party 2012 this year? What items do you think we’ll get for the holidays this year in the snowy island of Club Penguin?

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  1. “Who knows, maybe the regular version will make a comeback at the Holiday Party 2011 this year?” Umm the Holiday Party 2011 is over and this year is 2012…

  2. Not gonna be much of a party this year… it doesn’t start until the 20th.
    I guess maybe they feel they gave people too much with the advent calendar in the forest last year.
    I wasn’t here then, but my brother was.
    He showed me pictures.
    He even got a gingerbread man costume, and a free igloo!

  3. Can you to my party at server tundra lace snow forts at 1:00 P.M and 5:00 P.M You can come to either one oh, wait! SORRY i keep asking you to come to my parties sorry about that and do you still look at my web site i have 244 views how awesome is that?


  5. My Gramma looked and can’t find an advent calendar anywhere.
    Not even on the Club penguin site.
    maybe you have to get it at Disneyland.

  6. Hey Trainman! Remember when I said you have been nominated for my 2012 Woddylan Awards? Well you made it to the finals!

    I wish you the best of luck!

  7. Train, I found out the code. It’s all one code for the item. The code is surprise for the Tree Topper. I unlocked it today.


  8. I hope the Christmas Scarf and Santa Beard return! Maybe the Pirate Boots and other curios return with Rockhopper. I hope there is a new Treasure Book too.

  9. guys its a SURPRISE so don’t you hesitate if you cant get it beCause its wOrth nothing Duh now lets dancE for the christmas SURPRISE holiday. :DDDDDDD

  10. Train i know this might be a little off topic but still on cp so anyway if you make a new account on cp and take the test to be an epf agent all you have to do is hit the target with a snowball and BAM your an agent it skips your whole test.

  11. what a SURPRISE train what a SURPRISE and i actually thought they made a cp advent calender with CODEIS and choco SURPRISE s

  12. Very nice! Train, I actually have been reading your posts since August I think. I love them. You are a very good blogger!

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