Herbert To Make A Comeback – But When?

The Blackout may be over, but Herbert still has not given up. The new message on ClubHerbert.com reads the following:

Herbert Pervical Bear – Villain at large. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME

…and you haven’t seen the last of us defeating your white buttocks, Herbert!

The following page has been updated:

16 thoughts on “Herbert To Make A Comeback – But When?

  1. *Grabs blaster* Yea, I’d like that, I’d really like that, that way i can blast his miserable head off for taking over Club Penguin, and worst of all, HE MESSED WITH MY EPF PAYCHECK! YOU DON’T MESS WITH A GUY’S VIRTUAL PAYCHECK! *Blasts that little brats statue to shreds*

  2. Hey Train!

    I saw your poll and it ask us about if Herbert will attack within the next 3 months, how do you know Herbert would come in that time?

    Besides, a friend of mine says that Herbert would return in August 2014

  3. Herbert, you may attack, you may even succeed in taking over Club Penguin, but the EPF shall always take back the island. You may have all the warmth you want, just leave Club Penguin and go to Hawaii. Or we can give you some of the extra snow you gave us from Operation Blackout and you can build your own island. But don’t you have better things to do then bully little kids that are probaly less then 10! But just in case your reading this Herbert, you will NEVER defeat the EPF. We are everywhere. You may not know it, but everyone (almost) is a Elite Penguin Force Agent. So just wait Herbert. If you think you can defeat the EPF, you have another thing coming.

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