Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (Updated)

Phew, finally. What I thought was going to take an hourĀ maximum turned into a whole fiasco that ate up my whole day. I originally said I was going to release my new theme January 1st, but I uh…decided to release it early. Which bit me in the butt, because as you probably noticed when visiting Club Penguin Memories for a while today it was down, saying the site would be back soon.

I thought it was going to be quick and easy, but no, lots of issues arose. I fixed one and two appeared. But Club Penguin Memories and its awesome new theme are finally working. Check it out. Now sidebars appears on the left and right when you view an individual post. In addition, the upcoming updates and Penguin of the Week are now in a sidebar that appears when you hover your mouse on the left side of your screen. Pretty cool, right? That’s not the only new feature, you can heart posts.

Soon I will re-add the blogroll and changing outfits in the header. I will also add a Club Penguin background too.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you find anything wrong let me know. :)

Also: Due to the downtime contest entries for day 7 are extended. You have an extra 12 hours to enter if you haven’t already, meaning you have until noon PST Saturday.

Update: You may have noticed some changes – I removed the cool 3D sidebar (sorry!) and replaced it with a sidebar on the right. Penguin of the Week (and soon the blogroll I had) will appear on single posts and pages. I re-added the post time like I had in the theme before this. If you have suggestions let me know.

64 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (Updated)

  1. HI TRAINMAN IN MY OPINION i HATE THIS DESIGN I PREFER the design before this it was faster, easier to navigate, and more. I do like this design only a small bit there’s a lot of bugs that need to be fixed.

    Sorry about caps my button was stuck! :)

  2. and I’d prefer youre old design. And can you PLEASE add back the search box? It’s so hard to look for the specific posts I wanna read now!

  3. Dear Trainman1405,I
    I enjoyed hanging out with you, Archiyoso (Cousin), Graser10 (Brother), Thinknoodles and more! Tell that to them all with Twitter or another way! Anyways, also did you notice me? I was going to you in the book room. Remember me, Cool Man8172! Best party ever but how come Dis didn’t come or Pat? They were special guests too! :D Awesome theme! What is it? I might use it for my blog! :D

    • Yes I saw you I think, but it was hard with tons of penguins lol. I don’t know why they appeared. And the name of this theme is a secret – and it costs money.

  4. Yup this is super cool I really like it, you come up with the best ideas! I have never seen anyone go all out like you do and accurately post things everyday plus this is not a hack or cheat site wich makes it even better. I have also NEVER seen any type of site club penguin or not everything recorded since the time it started. But yeah like I said it turned out wonderful.

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