Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Log Off Screen

Club Penguin has released a new login screen. This one is for the Prehistoric Party. We can see the Prehistoric Party logo and the date it starts, which is January 17th. The prehistoric party ends on January 29th. Members can fly, stomp, and roar. I guess we might be able to transform into dinosaurs too? What do you think? This definitely looks like Club Penguin has put a lot of hard work into the party!

Prehistoric-1226 exit screen 1_EN

Thanks Frosty Biite!

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21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Log Off Screen

  1. Ever since the Puffle Party in March, we’ve had all sorts of penguin transformations. Puffles, ghosts, race cars, FrostBites, and now dinosaurs. Pretty cool! I love the Prehistoric sky, it fits the party rooms and Prehistoric times.

  2. My dream has come true! YES!!!!! I always loved dinosaurs and it’s finally happened on CP! :D I love pterosaurs (which aren’t actually dinosaurs, but have a genus of their own) so I’ll be one of them! And is that a meteor on the logo?

  3. I agree with you Trainman1405. It gives the artists the chance to use the Club Penguin ‘style’ of graphics with something most of us are passionate about, Dinosaurs and the past.

  4. I would love to fly around as a pterasour because they are my fave dinos and i wonder how we will fly because if its just a little lift off the ground then thats lame but if its that you can actually fly above everyone in the sky that would be awesome. (I think you guys get what im trying to say,right?)

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