Club Penguin Magazine Coming To Three More Countries

On the German Club Penguin Blog there is a new post from Federflink! He let us know that the Club Penguin Magazine is coming to three new countries. Those countries are Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The Club Penguin team needs your help though! You can send in your artwork, joke, or a question for Aunt Arctic to (note, there is no e since magazin is the German word for magazine) and it might appear in the issue launching on February 13th! If you submit your artwork be sure to sign it!

57 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Coming To Three More Countries

  1. Why are you watermarking pictures that aren’t even exclusive now? Don’t want to sound rude or anything but it is weird…

    • All pictures are being watermarked for the time being since some penguins are directly copying my posts and the images in them, exclusive or not. I hate to do it but I don’t want people blatantly copying my exact posts for their websites. That’s all. :)

      • “…some penguins are directly copying my posts…”

        Train, you must be imagining things. “Penguins” couldn’t possibly be copying your posts, they’re too busy surviving the cold in Antarctica, or hopping around beaches. If you’re having problems with “penguins” being able to use the computer…you must be hallucinating :P

  2. wow.1 year with Club Penguin magazine and they have gotten like 8 will probably have CP mag in US by december 2013 LOL

  3. Hey Train, I have a good idea, but we need a lot of people. I’m making something called operation: happiness. Here’s how it works: during the Holiday Party, I’m going to try to make as much penguins as I can happy. I can’t do it alone, so maybe you and your fans can help. I’ll tell you more: some people go on servers time to time, and try to make as much penguins as they can happy.

  4. CP?!!!!

    Why won’t you release this in ANTARTICA!! What about your native PEEPS, huh?!! You release in the UK, now three more countries, but NO Antartica?

    Get out of town…

    • Even in Bangalore, Karnataka, India! They can even release there because in Bangalore there is a mall named Mantri Mall which is the biggest in Asia! BUT I think it will take time for CP to release shops in various countries and I hope they will release it soon! :D

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