Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Frost Bite Room (The Dock)

Another day, another sneak peek of a Club Penguin Party from Spike Hike. Just the other day he posted a sneak peek of the Gift Shop and now he has posted a sneak peek of the Frost Bite room. If you look for a few seconds, you’ll see that it is actually the Dock. There is also the special catalogue icon in this room below the Hydro Hopper Game Upgrades catalogue icon, the same one in the Gift Shop sneak peek. There is a crab too, but I doubt it is Klutzy.

Gosh, I sure do feel sorry for all the penguins that don’t follow Club Penguin on Twitter or check Club Penguin Blogs for the sneak peeks, because they sure do miss a lot! :P

28 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Frost Bite Room (The Dock)

  1. thats really cool i think that the party will be great the name frost bite room seems like a hint itself i hope the color white comes out during the party or shorrly after beccause i have been waiting a while

  2. I like this post! In fact, it’s my first time commenting here. Train, will there be another giveaway, like no task?

  3. you fool penguins thank you got me will im going to make all you agents pay for that mwhahahaha(my penguin name is test herbert and waddle on fool penguins)

  4. Train if you look closely on the top left corner you will see a cannon and at the bottom left corner there is a frozen penguin lol.

  5. I think there is a frozen penguin cause members can freeze other penguins so during the party a frozen penguin will be normal! :)
    hmmm and i wonder if there will be gifts hidden all over the island? Because there is the gift thing in he lower right corner and there is a gift box next to the throne thing twoards the upper right

  6. i hate this! it dosent even look like a holiday party! it dosent even have anything related to the holiday party or even a christmas tree there! they shoudve made a ice party instead of this i think im not gonna enjoy this holiday party this year last year was better ;(

  7. Hi train I’m saying this here so I’m not double counted on the contest, but I have some ideas for the give away contests.
    1. Say wich cp mascot is your favorite and why.
    2. List your favorite 2012 club penguin party and why.
    3. Say wich new room is your favorite and why.
    I said these because they are simple tasks and are good for those without a twitter account or email. But by the way it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t use these ideas. So don’t feel obligated to do them.

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