Club Penguin Has Given Us Some In Depth Holiday Party 2012 Information

The Club Penguin page on Disney’s UK website has now been updated and gives us all some in depth information about this year’s Holiday Party! The Holiday Party 2012 kicks off December 20th and ends January 3rd. Here is the information:

Holiday Party (Dec 20 – Jan 3) 

Give & Transform! 

From December 20 the Holiday Party’s on in Club Penguin and giving changes everything. When players head to the Bakery and buy cookies to support Coins For Change, they can transform into reindeer puffles and road racers. Members can change into icy penguin Frost Bites and freeze the world around them. There are tons of presents for everyone – and when members log in between December 25 and January 1, they’ll get the ultimate holiday gift!

Buying cookies to support Coins For Change sure is clever! What do you think the ultimate holiday gift will be? Are you excited? Because I sure am!

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Has Given Us Some In Depth Holiday Party 2012 Information

  1. “The Ultimate Gif” ? Im so hoping that Clubpenguin did not decided to make the “Arctic White color” for members only cuz then i will leave cp forever :P

  2. THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME PARTY (aside from the MARVEL Superheroes party that still holds the FAVORITE PARTY spot on my list) IN THE HISTORY OF SODA!

  3. Hmm, about what I think of the presents, since CP said months ago that the Arctic White Color will be unlockable, I believe it will be the present of December 25, just like last year, they gave 2 coin codes and a code to unlock the t-shirt.

    The present of January 1, I don’t know but I guess something really amazing

  4. Lol, we will ONLY enjoy 1 day of the Holiday Party since it starts on Dec. 20 and the “So known end of the world” is in Dec. 21, however, I hope its not the end of the world in that date

  5. Awesome! I’m super excited to be a Frost Bite dude and freeze everyone, LOL!

    BTW, does anyone else get the feeling that Franky has a crush on Cadence? LOL

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