Club Penguin Dinosaur Party 2013 Coming In January!

Update: Dinosaur party it is! Thanks to everyone who told me about the tweet. :)

Many penguins have been wondering what the party after next month’s Yo Ho Ho-liday Party will be. Spike Hike gave a few hints on Twitter to some penguins today. Let’s narrow it down, shall we? I think it has to do with Space. Here are all of the tweets giving clues:

We’re going way back:

The Time Trekker I previously posted about in October is related:

It’s never been done before:

It goes back in time before Ancient Greece:

Further than Ancient Egpyt, too:

Also, Card-Jitsu Snow is not coming before Christmas:

45 thoughts on “Club Penguin Dinosaur Party 2013 Coming In January!

  1. The time party! WOO! The Meteorite’s energy is finally being used like Gary hinted it would, remember in august when he said we may make some discoveries “In Time” They hinted this way back then!

    • OH MY GOSH they should have a gray puffle time party!!!! we need gray and rainbow puffles. maybe they should have a go to the future party where you go on a scavenger hunt and you get a rainbow puffle at the end of the hunt and they will be a available at the end of the month. thats cool because even non members can have a rainbow puffle because of the scavenger hunt. [sorry train i sort of get of topic and keep typing i type fast so it only takes me a minute,thats why i sometimes make silly mistakes AHHH im sorry geting of topic again.

  2. dinosaur/prehistoric party. Remember the “you decide” from a while back? And although he said it was further back than ancient Greece, maybe it still has something to do with those mystery olympics-ish party rooms you found over the summer?

  3. Hey Train, I noticed you named the holiday party as ‘Yo-ho-Holiday Party 2012’. Was it officially named that? If so, where?

      • The new ‘Yo-ho-holiday’ name may indicate a Santa Clause surprise… I predict Santa Clause will be a meetable character this Christmas party! Or will it be Rockhopper as Santa? He tends to say ‘yo-ho’ a lot :P
        You heard it here first!

  4. WOW!,I wonder if there is any free stuff for us “FREE” players to get,I want a pteradactyl(pteranodon)suit,or maybe a t rex,or an ornithumimus,or a gallimimus!!!
    – Shera54321

  5. i got a idea.the comets power will be used to power up the time trekker and then we go back to the dino times and then we find THE RAINBOW PUFFLE because didnt PH say in CP mag that RAINBOW PUFFLES MAY HAVE LIVED A long TIME AGO!!then we will bring them to 2013 and sell them!!and the scripts for
    gary said “LOOK A NEW PUFFLE!EVERYONE TAKE NOTES!”so that proves gary finds the rainbow puffle in prehistoric times.really long….

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