Meet Herbert On Club Penguin Video

Weatherman Reece from Club Penguin’s Australia team is back in action once again! In the video shown above he announced three different Herbert P Bear meetups. The meetups are all taking place in the server Frostbite. The three times of the meetups are the usual. They are 4:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time, 4:00 PM Pacific (PST) Time, and 4:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time. The day of the meetups is Friday, November 23rd. And remember, no EPF agents allowed! ;-)

21 thoughts on “Meet Herbert On Club Penguin Video

    • For the Pacific Time, add 3 hours.
      For the Greenwich Mean time, subtract 5 hours.
      For the Australian time, I dunno. Ask CP.

    • Greenwich Mean time is the same time as London, so 4 PM. Another 8 hours later (midnight for Saturday) is the Pacific Time one.

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