Club Penguin November 2012 Furniture Catalogue Cheats

The new furniture catalogue has been released on Club Penguin! This is their eleventh furniture catalogue for 2012. The theme of the new items is for Operation Blackout, which starts next Thursday on the 15th of November.

Here are the hidden items:

Click the monitor on the Boss Desk for the Funky Bookshelf, which costs 550 coins.

Click the Crystal Ball for the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out for 700 coins.

Click the mouth of the Feed Fluffy Trash Can for the Window, which costs 600 coins.

Click the top of the Pizza Oven for the White Board, which costs 400 coins.

Click the Fruit Pillar mouth for the Cauldron, which costs 630 coins.

Click the Island Trinkets for the Lemon Cushion, which costs 350 coins.

Here are the hidden items in video form:

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  1. I’ve converted my igloo into a Training Hideout. I have a spy car, a cardboard herbert for target practice, and i’m using the maps and an HD TV as monitors. Operation Blackout is going to be awesome!

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