Club Penguin Magazine (A Revista) Issue 5

The fifth Club Penguin magazine issue is launching in Brazil this Thursday, November 29th! It comes with a code to unlock one item from the treasure book and theĀ Club Shirt (UK redemption shirt) body item from Club Penguin’s first magazine that launched in the UK. By the looks of the cover it has to do with the holidays, so who knows – maybe there are some sneak peeks in it? Here is the cover:

If you live in Brazil and are interested in getting the magazine but do not know where it is sold I recommend you contact Club Penguin.

ThanksĀ @BtrayOficial!

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine (A Revista) Issue 5

  1. The Translation: Club Penguin Magazine
    Free – Unlock Items Online: 1 Club Penguin T-shirt + 1 Treasure Book Item
    End of Year Special

      • My Mail To Club Penguin:

        I was wondering when the next treasure book was comming out so I can make decisions on when to buy toys. I hope it comes this Christmas :3

        Club Penguin’s Reply:

        Hi there penguin pal!

        Thanks so much for contacting Club Penguin Support! We’re always happy to lend a friendly flipper!

        In regards to the Treasure Book, I’m not completely sure when it is next coming out! I DO know that it’s updated every few months, so hopefully that will be soon!

        What sorts of toys are you hoping for? Do you have some grand Christmas list ideas? We’d love to hear them!

        If you ever have any more questions, comments or ideas, feel free to snowball them our way!

        Best fishes,

        Club Penguin Support

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