Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Log Off Screen

Club Penguin’s Holiday Party starts the 20th of December! Check out this new log in screen featuring a Jack Frost penguin freezing a Brown Puffle wearing reindeer antlers. It reads “Members, freeze your friends”. I guess it will be like members being able to become a ghost at the Halloween Party, but instead you can freeze penguins! That sounds pretty cool.

And yes, that is a new emote.

Thanks Apj26!

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26 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Log Off Screen

  1. Sigh…I was hoping for a normal Holiday Party this year. No 12 days of giveaways (even though it was really awesome), no members turning into something,or anything fancy like that. Also, I hate the new logo, its not Christmas colored anymore.

    • The logo is Winter themed instead of Christmas (However, remember that the old logo of the Holiday Party was kinda Christmas colored, however, CP changed the Christmas Party to Holiday Party and I believed they changed the logo since not everybody celebrates Christmas and made it Winter themed mostly, however, I like both logos)

      About the member features, I believe it will only be that the members will turn into the Jack Frost Penguin and that’s all, only those member features (I believe there will be some other few ones such as Rockhopper’s Rare Items, a special catalog, etc.) (Also of Santa’s Sleigh, unless they make it for all non-members) (And possibly the Bakery, or they make it for again, everyone this year)

      And last, I believe they won’t make a 12 days of giveaway (Which it was awesome that thing but sadly it won’t occur this year) since the Holiday Party will start in Dec. 20 (Unless they make 5 days of giveaway =P) And since normally CP Parties end 2 weeks, I believe this will be the 2nd time a Holiday/Christmas Party crossovers the year, so I don’t know if there will ever happen the New Year’s Fireworks since of the sky…

  2. maybe we will get the costume that the penguin is wearing and freeze our friends like with the herbert costume throwing giant snowballs and covering that person full of snow!

  3. CP has been slightly changing their logos, their Main Logo with the shiny letters now, the Halloween Party 2012 without the Puffle Pumpkin (However, the Puffle Pumpkin still appeared in few of them) and now the Holiday Party Logo

  4. I think that is going to be a new puffle, or maybe you can transform your puffle into a Reindeer puffle. You can tell it’s not wearing a hat & no other puffles have those ears. :P

  5. Trainman, I wonder if there will be a new mascot, like the character ‘Jack Frost’.It might be because you could freeze penguins and it’s like an ‘imposter’ version of him? Please Reply~Levandoski

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