Club Penguin Discussion: Would You Change Your Username If You Could?

It has been some time since I last posted a Club Penguin discussion here on Club Penguin Memories, and earlier the idea of this topic popped into my mind. It’s not really about Club Penguin itself, but more about you and the username you chose for your penguin. Every username has some sort of story behind it, because you obviously picked it for a reason. For example, if your username was “Apples Rock”, chances are you chose that because you really like apples.

As I have said in the past, I picked Trainman because I have always liked trains ever since I was a young boy. Model trains and real life trains, that is. I was ten when I joined Club Penguin. I don’t remember why I added “man” to my name, but oh well. I think the numbers 1405 were random, but whether it’s coincidental or not, those four numbers are seen by me every day outside in the real world in another sequence. I won’t say what, though. So maybe seeing the numbers 1, 4, 0, and 5 in a different order almost daily led to picking the 1405 as the numbers in my username without even realising it, who knows. Either way, I have random numbers after the Trainman in my username, and I have stuck with Trainman1405 ever since. (although on some other websites I have gone by the usernames of Skater1405 and iWaddle)

Back to the discussion though, would you ever change your Club Penguin username if you had the chance? I personally am content with Trainman1405 being my username, as I have nothing else I want to make it. (Although having a penguin named “Trainman” or “Devin” since Devin is my real name would be cool, but those names are taken)

Vote in the poll below, and feel free to answer in the comments on why you chose yes or no. If you chose yes, what would you change your username to? It can be a username that’s already taken, this is just a discussion for fun. Also, here is a random memory – way back in 2006 when I was new to Club Penguin, I remember there being an Ask Aunt Arctic question from a penguin wanting to have a new account with a different username, but wanted to know if they could transfer the items from their current penguin to their new penguin. I have no idea why I remember that after more than six years, but it’s kind of cool I guess. Plus it somewhat relates to this topic. Anywho, I’m getting off topic now. Buh-bye. ;-)

Would you change your Club Penguin username if you could?

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96 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Would You Change Your Username If You Could?

  1. I would say no, as I don’t really think there would be another name for my penguin. I have used the username WeirdCullen2 a lot over the past few years since I joined Club Penguin. But I have to say that penguin names are special, and no other person can have that same name, which makes everyone’s penguin unique. Also Trainman, there is a major bug on CP right now for me where instead of the homepage there is an error page. Also, when I use a shortcut to log in my penguin it says all the servers are one bar, but when I try to log into any of them it says ‘Sorry, this server is full’.

  2. When I first created my penguin in May 2007, I couldn’t think of a name. So instead I took a part of….my name. I’m not telling which part though ;)

    So because of that I would never change my username. Ever. :)

  3. I would keep mine the way it is, Mickman5, because when i went to Disneyland i got obsessed with Mickey. When i got back from DisneyLand me and my best friend were playing superheroes. I wantef to be mickey but my best friend said he wasnt a superhero so he made up Mickman, because Mickey Man. I have my best friend to thank for my name, and i love it. I picked the five at random, however.

    If you have any more questions on my name, reply to this comment!


    • An idea for a new Club Penguin discussion, or should i say ideas.
      1) If you make one colour of puffle, any at all, what would it be?
      2) If you could be on Herbert’s team and help him instead of thr EPF, would you?

      Thanks Train!


  4. I have to say no because one, Fishandfries is a name snipe (kinda). Secondly, I have great memories of when I was trying to get a username. Me and my mom couldn’t find anything I liked, and then my grandma randomly decided on Fishandfries. The name has stuck with me ever since.

  5. I wish my name was adopted in the English language, all languages ​​but English is not passed my test penguin his name Bernardo6648 it was approved in all languages​​, not resign myself yet!

  6. since childhood, I also LOVED locomotives. I can see with my name TRAINbe
    Coincidence that

    But really the locomotives are very beautiful :)

    • I forgot to add that I chose my name, Mango Smango, because my freind used to have a stuffed animal named Mango. Also, when I made it when I was 7, I always said that I wanted a pet named mango, so I decided to name my penguin Mango Smango! I dont know what the Smango was about XD. It could have been thought of by my cousin, who helped me make my account and introduced me to CP. I made it on Memorial Day in 2007, and we missed the parade, so when we were bored my cousins showed me Club Penguin. If we went to that parade on time, I never would have known about CP!

  7. Alguien que lo tradusca al ingles porfavor:

    Hola Train Yo escoji Jojoba28 por que en el antiguo comercial de Club Penguin donde salian los pingüinos apoyando a los equipos y todo eso, en un preciso momento salio una player card que decia Jujuba28 (en ese entonces yo no jugaba clubpenguin) Y como yo no tenia buena señal yo pense que decia “Jojoba28” (I’ll pick this up and check this out) (I’ve been delayed xD) entonces luego fui a cafe internet y entre a CP a crearme un pingüino y puse Jojoba28 y me lo acepto y le consegui articulos y todo eso luego mis abuelos contrataron TV HD e internet y vi el comercial y note que decia Jujuba28 y me rei mucho entonces me cree un blog (puedes verlo dando click en mi nombre) me volvi mas o menos famoso he tenido muchos amigos famosos y muy pocos jugadores de CP me reconocen cuando salgo a la calle :D Cada vez que lo recuerdo se me sale una lagrima :’D
    Hasta luego train :D

  8. Hi Trainman. I think I wouldn’t change my name for a million bucks, because over the 6 years that I’ve played Club Penguin, the name “Bob16980” has meant a lot to me. I’ve been through a lot with Bob16980, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything, not even a name change :)

  9. I would like to have my name back to Million55555 (as mimi was not my intended name), but over 4 years of not changing it i think i’lll just keep it.

  10. I definitely would change. This is my story:

    It was April 21st 2011. I was alone at home and I was really bored, so I went to Miniclip to see if Club Penguin is still the most played game. Well, it was on rank 10 or something.. then all memories popped on my mind (when I played CP in 2007-2009)
    So, while creating account I didn’t really take time to think a name. My name used to be Cooldude227 as it describes the day I’ve born and the month but it was taken so I had to take Cooldude229.

    Once I said my dad to email them but they said they won’t change and said create a new account. If I could transfer my coins, items, EVERYTHING to new account – then I would create a new one :)

    That is my story.

  11. Never.:) My CP name is very special to me, for some reason. It is a mix between my name, and my cousins’s name, and i’ve had it since i was 4.

  12. I wouldn’t dare change it, unless it was something cool like Sir Jjoeyxx (my Wikia username), because Jjoeyxx suits me perfectly, and in all my annuals I have put Jjoeyxx this, Jjoeyxx that – plus I would have to change all the things about my penguin, as Jjoeyxx has a certain style to it. I’ve had Jjoeyxx since I was younger, about 8 or 9, and I would never want it to differ. I got it since I had a Happy Feet toy called Joey, and I lost him the night before I made my penguin (16/07/08 – I made my penguin on the 17th)so when I found CP I just had to name it after him, and the J and the xx needed to be added on.

  13. I would never change my name. Even though “Brendon” isn’t my first, middle, or last name or even the name of one of my relatives, I wouldn’t change it. I made my Penguin when I was very young, and I can’t exactly even remember when I made it. But I guess “Brendon” was the name I picked and I randomly added “463” to the end. Anyway the name has stuck. I would never change my penguin name, ever.

    Waddle On,

  14. I joined in 2006, I was 12. I don’t know why I chose “Tyboy”, I guess I just thought it sounded cool. At first, I made a penguin just named Tyboy but couldn’t get the activation link because I was a clueless 12 year old, so I tried again and added 000 to the end and was going to keep doing that until I could get on. Like if Tyboy000 didn’t work, I was going to do Tyboy001, Tyboy002, etc. until it worked. (IDK why I just didn’t do Tyboy1 or Tyboy2 but whatever). So ya, that’s the amazing story of Tyboy000’s creation one fall morning in 2006.

  15. First of all, my Penguin name is
    All73. I thought it was weird when my penguin got old. Idk why I chose All, or 73. I was bored. Club Penguin was the FIRST vitrual game I joined, so I think my penguin name is special. Around May last year, I joined Club Penguin. I really didnt know what Club Penguin was, untill my friend gave me 2 penguin plushies for my birthday, on April. I was looking for the website.. searched and searched.. AND FOUND IT! Created an account quickly.. and starting playing the next day! I cannot believe I played on club penguin ever since 2011. My penguin is around 531 days old. :) -Sly

    • Club Penguin was the first virtual world I joined too! After that I played Lego Universe, which sadly shut down :( But I still enjoy that snow covered island of Club Penguin! My penguin is around 2000 years old! When he turns 2000, I’ll have a big party on Club Penguin :) – Bob16980

  16. My name is Miki5258. Why? I dont know! I wanted to be Mike but it is taken. I typed in Miki and why 5258? RANDOMLY! YOU ARE BEST TMAN!

  17. I know some people who have already changed their username (and reverted it back) as well as one person who deleted their old account and moved the username to their new.

    Me, my self, after 2235 Days of CP, have started to ask my self If I shouldn’t change my username do <> instead of just <>

  18. I’d like the idea, but there could be some restrictions. It’d be annoying to see a friend of mine change their name everyday and not recognize who it is.

  19. My name is kind of weird. Belly18. Lol! I still have no idea why I picked belly, it was just something random. I was only 7! :P And the numbers 18 were random, too. I remember that I was originally going to do “Belly19”, but it was taken. :)

    Also, Trainman, maybe you chose 1405 because 1 + 4 + 0 + 5 = 10, and you were 10 years old back then, so maybe you wanted something added up to your age. :)

  20. Originally I wanted to be Grassland77, but for some reason it said I wasn’t allowed to use that name… but now that I think about it I like my new name better.

  21. No. Here is my story:
    It was mid-2009 when I created my old account. His name was based on a Speed Racer character with some numbers and I was given the idea by one of my cousins. A couple weeks (Or months) Later, I heard that an orca died near the Antarctic sea, so I decided to create another penguin bases on him. I didn’t want it to be called Orca or something like that, because it would be unoriginal. It would also be unoriginal with numbers, so I decided to call my penguin the word Orca with another letter. So that’s when I came up with Oarca. We have been through some hard times together ever since 2009, but it was all worth it.

    The End.

  22. Back in 2008/2009 my bro picked abdul54 and then i got happy with the name but Since 2010 I wanted Bluelion100 Because i like blue and i like lions plus my favourite number is 100 Oh i should make an account now!

  23. I chose my name because I liked and still like the names Nelson and Bob. (Neither one of those is my real name ._.) The 101 was just random. I would never change my name if I had the chance to. :) Great post btw.

  24. My penguin name, Buddytoe, has a pretty disgusting origin.

    Shortly before creating my Club Penguin account, I used to watch Nick Gas, one of Nickelodeon’s channels, on TV, before they removed it. There was a cool show called Figure It Out, and I watched it a lot. There was a mention of toe jam; I can’t remember if it was one of the phrases to guess.

    I don’t know how the word “buddy” came in, but I thought it’d be pretty funny if I named my penguin “Buddyjam”. Believe it or not, it was taken, so I went for Buddytoe, hence my current name.

  25. I love cheese and the mw i don’t remember why. Maybe I’d change it to pezeter567 if I could, because that is my webkinz account name and I wish I made all my accounts have the same name. It gets confusing having to remember all those passwords and usernames.

  26. I thought my username was okay at first, but I just am sick with it. I would probably change it to miner123341 after my Minecraft username.

  27. Honestly changing your name is cool. But when you change your name from Cupcakes763825 to At13573 people will not know who you are and people might think: Cupcakes763825 penguin is deleted! I don’t want to see my buddy list and think “I never added this penguin and what happened to this penguin?”

  28. I used to like being a DJ but now… not so much. I would change my username to something simple like Boat or Tree or something like that. I don’t know where the “Pingy” part of my username came from but I think it’s from this game being called Club Penguin so “Pingy” is a funny, short way of saying penguin.

    Boat sounds like an awesome name BTW!

  29. I made a penguin a couple of months ago and I didn’t know why I choose such a awkward name! I choose Ifarted26 but that seemed really weird, I thought it would be a joke but apparently nobody is laughing.

  30. hmmmmm i would change mine name but mine friends wouldint know me :'( me cp username: greitasis, but in cpps i make tribas4 username… so idk and mine other username is face@ so… !!!!!

  31. Id like to change my penguin name to Scarlet, because it would be great name for my penguin, and it would be a proper name insted of Fumble53. Plus it is like a good name for an agent like me.Then when im popular no one will think its a strange name.

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