Announcement: Awesome Things Coming To Club Penguin Memories!

Hi everyone! For a little while now I’ve been slightly teasing some up and coming things that you will soon be seeing on Club Penguin Memories. After planing everything, I am ready to give some more detail. I have the following planned:

  • Contests, giveaways, more contests, more giveaways
  • A party or two
  • A whole new theme
  • Plus my “Club Penguin Memories 2012 Year In Review” and “Club Penguin 2012 Year In Review” posts like I did for 2011
  • Expanded pages


  • A few code giveaways in just a few days (how does Sunday sound?)
  • Remember the Club Penguin Memories 12 Days of Christmas last year where I gave away a code each day and you had 24 hours to enter each one? It’s 24 days of Christmas this year. Yeah, I’m giving out 24 different codes to you all via contests. Coin codes, Card-Jitsu codes, maybe even a Club Penguin Game Day code?
  • A party on the 8th or 9th of December to celebrate five years of Club Penguin Memories (since I made the original website on December 7, 2007)
  • A new theme on the 1st of January to celebrate two years since I launched (maybe a second party around then too?)

So what does this new theme look like, you ask? Nothing is official with the design yet, but I’m thinking on going with something that looks like the following. Click the images below to view them in full size. I really like the whole magazine/columns layout that I currently have, and I think other Club Penguin Bloggers do too since they’ve got the current theme I have on here or one with the similar layout. With the theme, at the top there would be links to my other websites and the Email, Twitter, YouTube, and RSS feed links. Below that is the header and navigation buttons, then something new – most popular posts. I want your thoughts on that. Should I include it? I could really put anything there – top posts, random posts, random pages, top posts of the week, most popular, etc. When you roll your mouse over that area there are arrows you can click to view more. (since only some show at a time, it slides to reveal more and hide the current ones showing)

More about the theme under the first image. (scroll down)

Below the most popular section or whatever I make it if I keep it, is all of the posts. As you can see, it keeps the magazine style. There is the post image at the top, the post date, a quick summary, and then you can click to read more. It also lists the category it’s filed under, post views, amount of likes, etc. I can have it display the “new” badge on new posts and also have similar badges such as a star or have it say featured. Posts with a video can have the play button like with the Aunt Arctic is the Director post. I might also be able to implement infinite scrolling if I go with this new design, where you can scroll down and down and down and it loads the next page of posts without. Currently you have to click to go to the next page, with this you don’t have to click anything, instead you just scroll down!

So please, tell me your thoughts on everything. I can easily change the site background shown in the teaser above, by the way. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

123 thoughts on “Announcement: Awesome Things Coming To Club Penguin Memories!

  1. I love the infinite scrolling idea, but I don’t think you should include most popular posts, as I, and I’m sure other people too, come to your website and want to read the posts you made since the last time we visited. What I mean is that I wouldn’t come here to see what’s popular, but what I haven’t read.

    Can’t wait for all these cool CPM stuff!

      • Is it going to be available for 24 hours or a particular time? If a particular time can it please be between 9PM-Midnight PST Time Or maybe a little late but at that time please.

        • A particular time, but don’t worry if you can’t attend the one this weekend since there are 24 chances in December with 24 hours to enter each one. :)

  2. Wow! Good job, Devin! This is gonna be awesome! If the giveaway is on Sunday, can you please try to make it fit in my schedule, it’s opposite from EST exactly!

    Thanks! You’re sites the best, Club Penguin’s gonna give ya a fricking medal of honor! Hahah! :D

  3. The best website EVER can’t wait for the new theme, and the 24 days of Xmas thing, I didn’t know about this website last year!

  4. Starting transmission//;: Attention Club Penguin Memories people: I am hosting a “novecember (december/november) party in my *secret* igloo! When: Saturday November 24 at 1:00 pst! Where: My igloo on the map! In the server sleet! What to bring: Bring your best operation: blackout/Holiday party costume! I’m going to make it a contest for best costume! I really hope you can make it to my EPIC Novecember party! If you could, copy and paste this on future posts before my party! Hope your hearing this! If you plan on coming comment BELOW!

  5. I usually view your blog in the mobile version! Are you doing anything to the mobile??? I know you just made the mobile version better a couple months ago!

    • I’m going to look into making it a bit easier to navigate however I can’t promise much or anything else will be done for the time being.

  6. The party for January has been confirmed by Spike Hike!!! It is a dinosaur party, where we use the time trekker (gary is meetable) to travel to the Mesozoic Era!

  7. I’d like the site bg to be the original one from your site, with the Ski Hill in the background. And also, something sounds wrong here: “Posts video a video can have…”. Something about that doesnt make sense.

    • I plan to put that background back up, I like it the most. And thanks for catching that typo. I had meant “Posts with a video can have”.

  8. Hey Train! Your new theme looks like it is going to be a big success, but I think you should add a background to your header instead of just having a blue background. If you need help with that, please contact me on Twitter @Waddle80457. I just think it would look cooler I guess. However, your site is amazing and I can’t wait to see!

  9. Thanks! Traiman is it ok if i could use the aunt artic picture ill give you cedit but i dont know if i can put it on my website can you come to my party at tundra place snow forts at 5:00 penguin standard time? i hope soon ill go to wrold press maybe cuz weebly is kinda boring at least i can blog tho

  10. Trainman1405 can you Tell people about my party please its my first time and no one comes to my blog so maybe post the party and the blog for me its at server tundra place snow forts at 5:00 penguin standerd time PLEASE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. IF YOU DONT REPLEY IM LEAVING CLUB PENGUIN MEMEORIES FOREVER YO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sometimes I give short replies to comments when I have time and when I have more time I’ll reply to the comments requiring longer replies.

  12. THEORY: Remember Gary’s halloween script about the 3D thing? With the Time travel? LOOK: Maybe the dinosaurs in the Time Travel party will be in 3D since the Gary script! :D

  13. You should totally make a CP Memories hall of fame. Most comments on posts, most funniest, most kind… all sorts of stuff! :D (PS What kind of website creator do you use? Just asking… 0_0)

  14. Chris dog90 seriously man… train only answers questions that needs to be answered, in other words he answers important questions. And can you please stop spamming its a bit annoying thanks :)

  15. Hey train i didnt understand 1 thing tht the code u giveaway would it be REUSABLE I mean that if someone else uses it before me would it work for me

  16. like 10 people came to my party! Trainman1405 i think the Dino party is going to be like we get in this thing cause in the telescope it showed it going in time so that means there will be this thing we go in or just its loading remember that picture of the dock and for the front screen it showed an Egypt thing so what if we go time traveling until we get to Dino part or each or couple days we go in a place i don’t know cause we would have to find out then we keep going throw each day or couple days like we have to wait for operation black mission thingy’s what do you think trainman1405 oh yea i forgot Sensei said there will be card jujitsu shadow but happy77 said there wont be and people seen on clubpenguin happy77 wearing it but she said no. she was probably lying once we unlock card jujitsu snow there will be a tunnel underground maybe cause they kinda did the thing for underground i talked to someone i cant tell you but sorry for long comment :D. OH YEA and can you make it to m next party and can you see if you can post about my blog like tell them cause no one goes on my blog :( heres the link to my blog

    • It takes a while to build up a blog audience. :) I don’t do single post promotions because if I did everyone would want one lol.

  17. everyone go to its woddlylans awards and we need club pengun memeoris to win and saarapril is winning!!!!!!!!! COME AND VOT FOR CLUB PENGUIN MEMORIES EVERYONE SO THEN YOU CANT LOOSE IT LOL YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR CLUB PENGUIN MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi trainman, I am really excited about all the changes you are making, and I hope you tell us more when you will have a party, giveaway, or something special! You rock and you will always stay my blogging hero, thanks for all the nice years! :-) btw I just subscribed to dp memories too, so I hope we become friends 4 ever. Agree?

    • You are the one who left 10 comments saying Train is so mean.. then you want him to come to your party… which he was kind enough to do :P

  19. Hey Train, you’re almost at 3 million views! It’s only been a little while since you did that post about crossing 2 million views!! WOW, you’re growing fast!!

    And also, I have a suggestion. I’m not trying to be rude, but the website can be a little prettier. I mean, did you see Monchochos site? His site is beautiful! Didn’t you say he’s your friend? Maybe get some help….

    And also, how about a funny pictures/memes section?

    And third, put a PST clock widget somewhere in the sidebar or something. It would be really helpful so ppl don’t have to keep asking “What time in XXX?” on parties and stuff.

  20. Train! I have sad news… Bin Weevils won the BAFTA awards with Moshi Monsters in second… But you know what? They BRIBED to win! Bin Weevils said: Vote Bin Weevils and get 3 exclusive nest items! And Moshi Monsters: Make us #1 Vote Moshi for web awards and get a free item! Vote now! Credit all goes to Saraaprilinclubpenguin!

  21. You are really kind to buy 24 codes o_o (btw, it was really fun last year, I almost won one of them) You must really like your fans XD

  22. Hey train, a little sunshine is starting to appear in main rooms like town, plaza, forest, ski lodge etc.
    Please give me credit!

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