On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 27

October 27th in Club Penguin History has had updates on three different years. The years are 2006, 2009, and 2011. In 2006 the Halloween Party for that year was released. It was the second Halloween Party ever on Club Penguin and the first time ever the sky turned dark. There was also a new pin hidden. It was the Pumpkin Pin and could be found at the Dock. The Pumpkin Pin was Club Penguin’s 17th pin.

As for 2009, the Halloween Party for that year started. This was Club Penguin’s fifth Halloween Party. The Haunted House was a new attraction for the Halloween Party. There was also a scavenger hunt at the party.

Finally, in 2011, there were four updates. The Monster Muzak track was added to DJ3K, the 53rd field op was released, the buddy list limit was increased to 500 friends along with the new buddy list system, and finally the chat suggestion feature as you type was added to the game after being tested on the beta team the month before.

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  1. Train, I noticed something. In the newspaper on the upcoming events page, it says the Penguin Style catalog is on the 1st. The description is:

    Featuring fabulous and fun fashions for fine penguins, such as yourself.

    Doesn’t the new Gift Shop match the above description? Do you think it’s coming on the 1st along with the Pizza Place? It would kinda make sense to release the new Gift Shop along with the new catalog.

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