On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 1

On October 1st, 2008 the Fall Fair for that year was still going on. This was Club Penguin’s second Fair party. The prize booth was updated with more prizes, in particular the Blue Cotton Candy, Paddle Ball, and Carousel Background. There was a member prize booth but it never got any more prizes added to it.

As for 2010 a login screen counting down to the Halloween Party for that year and there was the new October 2010 Penguin Style catalogue in the gift shop. Just like every October Penguin Style catalogue there were new Halloween outfits for member penguins to purchase. It contained outfits like the Count, (a Dracula inspired costume) the Lady Frankenpenguin, and the Witch Costume.

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8 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 1

    • It didn’t take that long. I got all the prizes in like one day, pretty much the same way it is now. So they didn’t really need to lower the prices at all.

      • I took the ‘million coin challenge’
        You can’t have more than $1 million coins.
        A few days this summer, I spent like an hour earning like $150 000 a day. I earned a million is a week. It’s REALLY easy. With cart surfer/all the stamps, you EASILY make like 800 coins each game (800 coins/minute)

        • I used to have a million coins as well. In 2007 I cheated to get coins and never got caught. I had 800,000 coins off the money maker. Over the next 4 years I built up another 200,000. At the Holiday Party 2011, I donated all 1 million coins to CFC :)

    • I prefer it to be in the thousands. It is WAY too easy to earn tickets, especially now that we keep them after logging off.

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