Let’s Try To Make a Club Penguin Lego Set a Reality!

Ever since the beginning of this week I’ve been contacted by multiple penguins linking me to a certain page about a Club Penguin LEGO set having the chance of being made. I’ve decided to go ahead and spread the word through Club Penguin Memories to the portion of the Club Penguin Community that visits my website to continue to spread the word.

It’s kind of like a petition, however rather than signing against something you’re signing for something saying you support the idea. The website, Cuusoo, lets users of the website list their LEGO set ideas, and periodically LEGO will review any item that has over 10,000 supporters. With this post I and others are trying to spread the word to get a Club Penguin Town LEGO set built – who knows, maybe if we do reach a minimum of 10,000 signatures and Disney works out the licensing fees with LEGO it’ll become a reality! That would definitely be cool. Club Penguin is already aware of it, as they retweeted the link on Twitter. Let’s try to make this a real thing!

Are you interested in supporting the idea? Go to this link and sign up. You can create an account through your Twitter or Facebook if you wish. You do need to be 13 or older to have an account, too. On the page then click ‘support’, fill in the necessary boxes, and you’re good to go!

58 thoughts on “Let’s Try To Make a Club Penguin Lego Set a Reality!

  1. As long as its a TOY SET and NOT a party, I’m all in. I hate sponsored parties. Which of course Disney doesn’t own LEGO, but you know, you never know.

  2. http://prntscr.com/ilu99
    I am sad! I told you about this 2 days ago and you haven’t replyed. I tried to tell you from commenting at the Google account post but your not reading it. I am not telling you anything Trainy if you won’t give me credit for what I’ve told you 2 days ago…
    At least Happyblue102 gave me credit.

  3. A Club Penguin Lego series would be awesome! Disney already has a license with Lego (they have collaborated to make some Toy Story, Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other sets based on Disney’s properties) so I think this could be a really real possibility.

  4. Hi Trainman1405!

    Just a question, are you in contact with the actual owner of this project? If you are, can you email me their details,

    Thank you


    • Yes. However, if a parent maintains the project for you, it is legal, which is what my parents are doing.

      BTW I’m the one who made the project.

  5. Trainman1405 just to say I am sorry, I want to make a party for you. Meet me on Cp in 10 mins! Or another way for me to make you know I am sorry, I will make you a Cool Man8172 Fan Page Owner! Me and you! I have a staff but he is 1 step near Owner of my blog. He is an author…
    And 1 more is an staff named Tidus3053.
    He is a kind guy…
    Choose meet me in Cp in 10 mins or be my staff. Or non, but this is a offer to say I am sorry for my baby things.

  6. Hey there TrainMan! About the feud with Saraapril, First off, Do you know each other in real life and second, When did this happen? Thanks and waddle on!

  7. LEGO has a license with Disney…or do they need a new one to create a new theme? Eh, who knows…I know for sure I’d buy this. I supported it. I love LEGOs (a secret other side of me :P) and I think it’d be nice to see on the shelves at the LEGO store or Target. :P I hope they make it into a theme and make scale models of all the buildings on the island. That’d be cool! It might be very successful.

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