Is This Club Penguin’s Seventh Anniversary Cake?

The seventh anniversary party hat recently leaked, showing the colours of blue and gold. While on Club Penguin’s website, what did I see? None other than a penguin wearing a blue and gold hat, the same one. Behind the penguin you can also see a cake with a blue and gold base. For those of you unfamiliar with the Anniversary Parties on Club Penguin, each year on October 24th the Coffee Shop is decorated with a cake and a free limited edition party hat for your penguin. This image, from Club Penguin’s website, shows this year’s party hat and what will most likely be the cake. See? Even Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek indirectly!

By the way, I’m referring to the coloured in cake – not the Pink Puffle one. :P Also there is a blue and red party hat being worn by the pink penguin. (Thanks to Penguitt for the reminder about that)

You can see all the past anniversary parties here:

40 thoughts on “Is This Club Penguin’s Seventh Anniversary Cake?

  1. CP is gonna fail the Anniversary party cause of these 2 reasons:
    1. They make the hat too big, like last week
    2. It’s available like 5 days again


  2. Hi Train! Just a suggestion: on the Upcoming Updates for the 18th, you should put Gary Visits or even something like, the Hunt for Gariwald begins or something like that! I do realise though that it is Upcoming ‘Updates’ and Gary visiting isn’t much of an update: it’s up to you!

  3. Hey Trainman! Cool post! I can’t wait for the Anniversary Party, It’s always so much fun. Are we still up for meeting on Yukon at the Coffee shop at 2 pm EST today? My penguin name is bob16980. See you later!

  4. Actually I think that the cake is incorrect. If you look at the 4th year anniversary cake and compare it to that one, you can tell that it’s not really the 7th Anniversary cake because they look almost identical. I think CP will keep the real cake a secret :)

  5. I don’t know, it looks like it could be…but for 2010, 2009, and 2008…weren’t the layers corresponding to the age…? I can’t tell if last year had 6 layers, but maybe this year will have 7…? So, if it will have 7, that might not be it (also it looks like year 4). But, who knows? It could be it.

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