Club Penguin’s 2011 – 2012 Yearbook (Is DOT The DIRECTOR?)

Along with the anniversary party celebrations going on in the Coffee Shop, go upstairs and check out the bookshelf for the new 2011/2012 yearbook! Each page recalls a certain event on Club Penguin in the past year. There are hidden things you can click to reveal a pin from that month. The full guide is below.

Click the green candy ghost for the Crystal Ball Pin.

Click the Water Ninja’s beak for the Blue Koi Fish Pin.

Also: roll over mascots in the yearbook for hidden messages.

Click the star on the top of the tree for the Reindeer Pin.

Click the Pink Puffle for the Conch Shell Pin.

Click the penguin’s head/facial area for the Camera Pin.

Click the Red Puffle/Blue Penguin’s balloon for the Cake Pin.

Click the pink strip for the Easter Basket Pin.

Click the slingshot for the Black Helm Pin.

Click the destructobot for the Supervillain Pin.

Click Cadence’s Headphones for the Dubstep Puffle Pin.

Click the banana for the Banana Peel Pin.

Click the Yellow Balloon for the Triple Scoop Pin.

Finally, there are two pages for mascots:

Roll over ‘unnoticed’ for Dot’s description on this page and it turns into The Director… could Dot be the Director? Thanks UFlippers!

Yay, memories…my favourite! ;-)

The following pages have been updated:

24 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s 2011 – 2012 Yearbook (Is DOT The DIRECTOR?)

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  2. Dot couldn’t be the Director. In the beginning of Herbert’s revenge, you could see both dot and the director at the same time. Also in Veggie Villian Gary got a phone call from the Director, and Dot wasnt on the phone. So, no, Dot is NOT the director.

  3. It is true! See, Director has a tie and collar on his suit. Look at Dot’s suit!Dot has the same thing. I know it could be her!

    • But Director looks like he doesn’t have any hair. But then again, I think Dot took off her normal clothes while disguising as a tree, rock, etc in herbert’s Revenge.

  4. Maybe she is the director. This is the biggest clue we have got about the identity. Train I literally just thought of this while I was writing! What if Aunt Arctic is Dot because Dot is the costume person? We got that clue about Aunt Arctic when you type in Aubt Arctic on the chat bar it predicts, Aunt Arctic is the director. So I’m saying Aunt Arctic is posing as Dot since she is the costume lead. But Dot may not even be the director! Dot’s signature never changes meaning maybe it’s a glitch and it’s supposed to be signed director. Dot’s signature might not change just to taunt people.

  5. She-Ra here!!!!!!!!!,
    I don’t know?.because aunt artic was at the first (1st) mission I think?.
    and at the last mission d was in the wardrobe.I solved the lock’s color!!!!!!.
    it was “kinda” easy?.i think?.
    – Shera54321

  6. She-Ra here again!!!!,
    I don’t know about the signatures but I’m not sure about d or aunt artic being director though?.
    – Shera54321

  7. She-Ra here again!!!!!,
    maybe or maybe not if or it is d,in the word director dto, in dot,dot.
    dto,switched o before the t and t after the o,and dot!!!!,
    – Shera54321

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