Club Penguin Moderator Surprise! (Now over)

To celebrate seven years of Club Penguin, staff members such as┬áPolo Field, Businesmoose, Rsnail, Screenhog, Billybob, and Gizmo (yes, all of them!) logged onto Club Penguin in the server Yeti for a while. Oddly enough, even though my list is past the limit of 500 by 332 people, I sent Screenhog and Gizmo friend requests (everyone else was still my buddy except Billybob, I missed him) and they added me! Tons of rooms were filled as they went around the island and even into igloos – Screenhog even liked mine! I took screenshots of everyone’s playercard except Billybob’s – see below.

Also, my friend Pen50gi took eighty pictures of the meetup – click here or click the image below to see them all!

Here’s a picture Businesmoose tweeted:

I also got images of Gizmo’s stampbook:

34 thoughts on “Club Penguin Moderator Surprise! (Now over)

  1. Gizmo added me :P Wow, I didn’t think we’d ever hear from Gizmo again. That’s incredible. This was the best surprise they’ve ever done to make up for the *not so good* anniversary party! :D I hope they do it every year from now on (and maybe have the mods log on at every party if it’s possible :P)

  2. omegosh I was all ready for the surprise then my mom said we have to go get my little brother go there and get back and see this >:(

  3. UUUGH, I was at school! Why can’t they make it afternoon, CP KNOWS that some people are still at school, some get out like 3 or 4 pm! Besides Train, you should had told us, I never had a moderator as a friend :( (One question trainman, there was this dude called Pj Kraft or something and it was rumoured to be Happy77’s brother i think, is it true? I even met him one time and he added me and the room as full and crowded, I hope he’s Happy77’s brother…)

    Respond Trainman

  4. Thanks for telling me about this Train! I can now cross meeting a Club Penguin staff member off my bucket list. I do have two questions though:
    1) Is Polofields’ buddy list full? He was the only one I met and it sounded like he wasn’t adding anyone (including me).

    2)Where does the staff usually announce when and where they are coming online? I always see people talking about Moose Mondays and meeting up with Businesmoose but can never find the place where he would have announced what server and time he would log on.

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