Club Penguin Field Ops 106 Cheats

By / October 31, 2012

The 106th field op mission has been released on Club Penguin, for the 1st of November. This is the forty fifth field ops mission for 2012. To start this week’s field ops mission go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. Then waddle over to the notice area like usual to get the mission’s orders.

Gary’s orders for this week are are as follows:

The Halloween ghosts caused widespread security breaches all over the island. We must restore our defenses. Scan the EPF mainframe, and check to make sure the system is secure. Report anything unusual.

Stay in the EPF Command Room. Go to the computer next to System Defender.

Once you’re there your spy phone will start to ring. Click on it. Complete the Field Op mission by bypassing the system. To do this you need to match your data with the firewall.

When you finish it, you’ll get a message from Gary. It reads:

What’s this? According to your scan, someone accessed top secret EPF files during the Halloween Party. It seems they went through blueprints for my inventions… Stay on alert.

If you are still confused and need help completing this, here is a video on how to complete the field ops mission:

Check back next time for the field ops 107 walkthrough!

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Interesting… But I think we all know who the illeged blueprint stealer is: HERBERT. Is it just me, or is Herbert beefing up his plans and lairs? I mean, how could the Elite Penguin Force have not found his hideout?



I hope that we will get a new bad guy soon! He should be a bat.:P