Club Penguin Celebrates 100 Videos

Happy 100 videos Club Penguin! They made this short video to celebrate. Apparently it is not Polo Field and Businesmoose who are in the video.

53 thoughts on “Club Penguin Celebrates 100 Videos

  1. Trainman I found a new code in the CP files this is what you do:

    Type in the code [removed] to unlock the free eye patch item for your penguin.

    Give me credit.

    Sonic55170 / S E G A

  2. Trainman i need you to warn everyone about a hacker whos penguin name is Pinkheartt she hacked my accoutn she acts like a babie then when penguins think shes cute she hacks them and they get banned for 72 hours like waht just happend to me apart from the part about thinking she is cute pleas ewarn everyone i am counting on you.
    Trainman1405 your my only hope *Hologram turns off*

  3. no wait, the guy with glasses is Polo Field, he said that he was the same guy that appeared playing the keytar in the dubstep puffle video, and i guess that Adam (the other guy) is Businesmoose…

  4. TRAIN! Y’know how when you click on a penguin, all those icons are in the bottom? Well, if you used that hack to add Herbert, all the icons except the question mark and ignore icon will show! But sadly, if you try to go in his igloo or check out his stamp book, you will get a loading forever bug! if you try to delete him as a friend, he will still be your friend! And a funny thing, you are able to report him :P and another thing, his name doesn’t show on his player card. Post! Video coming soon.

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