Three Unreleased Club Penguin Item Names Exclusive

In addition to the two unreleased items shown in Club Penguin’s new logging in and logging off screens, I do have the names of three unreleased clothing items. I do not know when they will be released. They are:

  • Charming Charm Necklace for 150 coins
  • Inventor’s Vest for 400 coins
  • Mademoiselle Sleeves for 200 coins

I do not know what these items will look like. They are member items.

12 thoughts on “Three Unreleased Club Penguin Item Names Exclusive

    • oh yeah, I forgot about that! but these don’t necessarily have to be exclusive, they could be rockhoppers catalog or something

    • i think tht maybe fro the halloween party?
      or something after
      im so glad tht disney didnt take over the fall fair with some crappy tv show
      i hope i can say the same fro all my other faves like the halloween and the puffle party………


  1. Cool, I really want the inventor vest. Do you know what the next igloo background will be? There was a poll. The two winning backgrounds were Underwater and Volcano. (I voted volcano)

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